Jera’s Jamboree review : The Time of Our Lives by Jane Costello

time of our livesPrint Length: 353 pages

Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK (27 Mar 2014)

ISBN-10: 1471129233

ISBN-13: 978-1471129230



Three best friends. One five-star hotel. Will it be the holiday of a lifetime …? Imogen and her friends Meredith and Nicola have had their fill of budget holidays, cattle-class flights and 6 a.m. offensives for a space by the pool. So when Meredith wins a VIP holiday at Barcelona’s hippest new hotel, they plan to sip champagne with the jet set, party with the glitterati and switch off in unapologetic luxury. But when the worst crisis of her working life erupts back home, Imogen has to juggle her BlackBerry with a Manhattan, while soothing a hysterical boss and hunting down an AWOL assistant. Between a robbery, a run-in with hotel security staff and an encounter on a nudist beach that they’d all rather forget, the friends stumble from one disaster to the next. At least Imogen has a distraction in the form of the gorgeous guy who’s always in the right place at the very worst time. Until, that is, his motives start to arouse a few suspicions …

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From day one of their holiday, things don’t go exactly as imagined.  An eventful 8 days is an understatement …

Beginning with the flight (which should have been luxurious), problems on arrival at their hotel with their shower room and encountering an old teacher on the beach … Day One sets the tone for the rest of their stay.

While Meredith and Nic go off sightseeing each day, Imogen is either stuck in the hotel trying to negotiate damage limitation on a potential mega-newsworthy incident – or out and still having to deal with it.

Underlying this pending disaster is the enigma of Roberto.  In the prologue, Imogen and Roberto are together but when the story begins six years later they’re not and the reader isn’t sure why.  Whatever happened had a profound effect on Imogen and she’s been unable to move on.

I enjoyed the chemistry between Imogen and Harry and enjoyed watching her feelings come alive again.  It is so easy to identify with her that her guilt became my guilt as well!  She is a fabulous main character.

It’s not only Imogen who comes to term with something that’s been holding her back – Nicola has her own relationship/family dilemma and Meredith has her own responsibility to accept.  I loved their friendships with each other and how the three of them faced their own fears.

The Time of Our Lives is a humorous and engaging read.  A perfect read for the summer.

Buy it and spread the word

Buy it and spread the word

I would like to thank the publishers for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.

You can find out more about Jane Costello by visiting her website, stay up-to-date on her author Facebook page, or stay in touch through Twitter @JaneCostello



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