Jera’s Jamboree : Feature Post Ruby McNally ~ Top Five TV Kisses

I’m delighted to be welcoming Ruby McNally to Jera’s Jamboree today

Ruby McNally double-majored in psychology and cognitive linguistics before ultimately deciding her talents lay elsewhere. She grew up hiding her diary from her five brothers, who will never know she wrote this book. She lives in Boston, and has no cats. Crash is her first novel.

Author Links:, @Ruby_McNally

Book Links: on amazon, as well as Samhain’s website


Full disclosure: there is basically nothing I like more in this cold, wintery world than a good TV makeout. I’ve been known to bail out of actual, real-life plans so as not to miss two of my favorite characters locking lips in real time–never mind that I’ve got DVR. “I have someplace I need to be be!” I’ll tell friends apologetically, ducking out of bars and dinners early and hurrying back to my apartment. After all, on my couch is a place. Here are five of my all-time favorites, helpfully YouTubed for your viewing pleasure (and mine, duh):

5. Finn and Rae, My Mad Fat Diaries

All right, so I’m basically coming out of the gate cheating, since there is no actual kiss in this scene. But there’s a hell of a hug, and a confession of love via letter-tracing, so it counts. Have you all watched this show? You should be watching this show, it is amazing, it will hit you right in your feelings bone over and over until you fall down and scream uncle.

4. CJ and Danny, The West Wing

This one is a gem. “I thought what I’d do is kiss you, you know, on the mouth.” “Be careful of the fish.” “You walked into that door there.” I mean, come on! I know everyone loves Josh and Donna and I do too, but they didn’t kiss for a million and a half seasons and CJ carrying a goldfish around the office remains nearest and dearest to my heart. Memo to Aaron Sorkin: write more like this one, please and thanks.

3. Emily and Naomi, Skins

Ugh, the music. The nature noises. Kathryn Prescott’s lisp. This is just really pretty kissing (that then dissolves into cunnilingus–which, you know, also good). Plus, it was a lesbian storyline that wasn’t confined to sweeps week, something I always appreciate.

2. Will and Alicia, The Good Wife

This kiss has been watched more than 136,000 times on YouTube, and I am proud to tell you that probably only like 130,000 of them were me (or okay, 130,002, because I just watched it twice more while writing this list). Julianna Margulies’ “Damnit” is what makes this entire scene for me. That, and the fact that Alicia comes back.

1.  Sam and Andy, Rookie Blue

The blackout. Andy running through the sparkler-filled streets. How breathless she is. The part where she shoves him up against a wall. He asks if she wants to talk! She emphatically doesn’t want to talk! I’m not made of stone, okay? I am not made of stone.

What’s your favourite TV kiss?

Crash_CoverLights and Sirens, Book 1

Publication Date: Digital: 3/4/2014

A year ago, after a gut-wrenching shift at work, Taryn Falvey made a huge mistake: she fell into the arms of fellow paramedic Nick Kanelos, and into his bed. Since then they’ve kept their distance, knowing their lives are too messy to mesh.

Taryn’s got her hands full keeping her many siblings and alcoholic mother from slipping into grinding poverty. A normal relationship—a normal life—isn’t even on her radar.

After that desperate night of passion, Nick retreated to the big, empty house on the edge of town he used to share with his late wife. Now it’s just him, his mutt, and his memories rattling around the empty rooms. He’s taught himself not to need anything or anyone too much, but he hasn’t been able to get Taryn off his mind.

As inevitable as gravity, life brings Taryn and Nick spiraling back into each other’s orbit. As their attraction reignites, there’s only one question remaining. If two professional rescuers are capable of rescuing themselves—and each other—or if they’re diving heart first into certain disaster.

Crash is touring with Fiction Addiction Book Tours

Crash TB


Tour Information

3rd March Everything Books and Authors
4th March Chicklit vs Fantasy
5th March Reviews By Molly
6th March Raven Reviews
7th March Carol Clarke Blogs
8th March A Novel Review

The giveaway on tour is 1 x ecopy of Crash.

We hope you’ll join in the fun!


4 thoughts on “Jera’s Jamboree : Feature Post Ruby McNally ~ Top Five TV Kisses

  1. My favorite TV kiss…Alex P. Keaton and Ellen at the dance in Family Ties. The song At This Moment by Billy Vera is playing…mmmmm! And Ruby McNally – Crash sounds FANTASTIC!

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