Jera’s Jamboree review : The Shape Stealer by Lee Caroll

shape stealerPaperback: 352 pages

Publisher: Bantam (2 Jan 2014)

ISBN-10: 0553825704

ISBN-13: 978-0553825701


Garet James is the watchtower – the last in a long line of powerful women sworn to protect our world from evil…

She once defeated the malign sorcerer Dr Dee, but her pursuit of the man she loves – the centuries-old vampire Will Hughes – has unleashed another ages-old entity into our time – a being that threatens everything and everyone.

His name is Marduk and he is the descendant of a demonic Babylonian deity. Now abroad in Paris, he has sought out the villainous John Dee and they have hatched a plan together that will create chaos and ensure ruin.

And it will fall to Garet to confront this new threat. Around her she gathers a band of modern-day knights – a brotherhood dedicated to preserving the sanctity of the time-line. But there are others out there who would see Garet fail and who will stop at nothing to bring an end to everything she – and we – hold dear . . .

The Shape Stealer is the third in the Black Swan trilogy.

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I enjoyed Black Swan Rising, the first in the trilogy (before my blogging days).  You can find my review of The Watchtower (the second) as a guest on Sarah’s Book Reviews.  When I saw The Shape Stealer on Netgalley I just had to request so that I could finish the trilogy!

The story starts where we left off.  Garet has time-travelled back from 1602 with Will but it’s the wrong one!  Not only that, they also brought back Marduk.  Marduk doesn’t waste any time in causing chaos using the naïve Will so we’re off to an exciting start.  Marduk is in partnership with Dee so you know they’re planning something diabolical!

Garet is directed to the Institut Chronologique which I loved.  Such a great concept.  I enjoyed finding out about the changes the Will who was left behind made to show Garet in the present time his love!

The clues were brilliant and following them gave everyone the chance to use their skills to work their magic.  Garet is a lot stronger in this final book and although she is so disappointed that she brought the wrong Will back, her feelings grow and change.  There was a very poignant moment in their relationship.

The ‘older’ Will is still around in the present time and even though he tries not to get involved, his role of protector is something else I enjoyed.  Loved that he learnt how to manipulate atoms.

There is only one thing that didn’t work for me and that’s the ending.  After turning those pages, loving being back with the characters, enjoying Garet’s quest (and loving the action), I thought the story just fizzled out.

I think you need to read the other books in the trilogy to have an understanding of the foundations.

If you enjoy the metaphysical and paranormal you will enjoy this trilogy.  Personally, I would love to see a story from the authors with the Institut Chronologique at the heart of it.

Buy it and spread the word

Buy it and spread the word

I would like to thank the publishers for accepting my request to review via Netgalley.


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