Jera’s Jamboree : Guest Author Jill Steeples

I’m delighted to be welcoming Jill Steeples to Jera’s Jamboree today.

Jill Steeples

Jill Steeples lives in a small market town in Bedfordshire with her husband and two children. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, walking, baking cakes, eating them and drinking wine.

Her love of reading was borne when she discovered, as a teenager, the deliciously romantic novels of Jilly Cooper.  From that moment on she always fantasised about writing a romance novel of her own, but never really believed it would come to anything.

Her writing career took off after attending a creative writing class and her tutor encouraged her to start with short stories.  She was lucky enough to find a brilliantly supportive online writing group and soon began selling her stories to the popular women’s magazines.  Her work has appeared in publications around the world and in a number of charity anthologies.

Her first novel ‘Desperately Seeking Heaven’ a romantic comedy featuring a gorgeous ghost was published in 2012.  Her second  novel, ‘Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off’ is out now with Carina UK.

You can find out more about Jill from her blog, or on Facebook or on twitter @jillesteeples


It’s around this time of year that I usually have to admit defeat and come to terms with the fact that my well-intentioned New Year Resolutions have come to nothing again, and all within the space of a week as well.  But not this year!  That’s not because I’m more determined this time around, but purely for the reason that I didn’t actually make any resolutions for 2014.

The passing of another year is a great time to reflect on what’s happened in the previous 12 months and to consider what changes you’d like to make happen for the coming months, but I’ve come to the conclusion that, for me at least, January 1st is the worst possible date to implement those changes.

Lose half a stone in weight’ – Had I made any resolutions, that one would have been right at the top of the list. It’s the one resolution that crops up for me (and a lot of other people I would suspect) every January 1st, although with my previous lack of success on the dieting front I should probably update that to ‘lose two stone!’  But is it any wonder that I’m doomed to failure when the house is overflowing with boxes of chocolates, tubs of peanuts, bottles of wine and all sorts of other foodie goodies.    No, I definitely need to munch my way through all those treats before embarking on a new health regime.  ‘Waste not, want not’ is another maxim I shall be adhering to in 2014!

Any new health regime would definitely need to include more daily exercise because at the moment my fitness routine consists of wandering from the laptop to the kitchen to flick on the kettle and I’m beginning to think it’s not the most effective of aerobic activities.  But with my husband not yet back at work and the kids still at home, it doesn’t seem the best time to don my leotard and start leaping around the living room.

I’m not making excuses (honestly!) but I’ve come to realise that if I’m going to be making any lifestyle changes then it’s probably better to do it at a ‘later date.’   And small changes made over a period of time are more likely to stick rather than trying to make several big changes at once; lose weight, do more exercise, up my writing output, be a nicer person, do some housework occasionally.   I reckon it’s an impossibility for one woman, well this woman anyway, to do all those things at the same time.

These sorts of changes, positive change that we want to make for ourselves, can come at any time of the year.  It doesn’t matter if, like me, your resolutions have gone pear-shaped before the end of the first week of the year is out.  Simply have another go at making those changes, but maybe pace yourself, tackle one thing at a time.   That’s exactly what I intend to do this year, just as soon as I’ve finished off the rest of those chocolates…

So, dare I ask, how are your resolutions going?  Are you managing to stick to them or have they been thrown out with the Christmas cards and the chocolate wrappers?

Definitely agree with Jill – positive changes can come at any time of the year can’t they!

Personally, I prefer the word ‘intentions’ rather than ‘resolutions.’  The word has a whole different association and it means that whatever you want to achieve is approached with your best intentions 🙂

20311195Reasons why you should never, ever, read your best friend’s diary (even if it has fallen to the floor, pages open oh-so temptingly…):

– It’s morally indefensible.

– She would never trust you again.

– You probably know it all anyway…

So what harm could the tiniest peek do…? Answer: Lots! The best reason for never reading your best friend’s diary:

– You might just find out something you really didn’t want to know!

Learning her fiancé, Ed – the guy she’s supposed to marry this weekend! – is having an affair with her best friend, is a devastating bombshell for bride-to-be Anna. Confused, hurt and absolutely livid, she hops on the first train to anywhere-but-here in need of some serious soul searching.

Can she ever forgive Ed? Who is Anna ‘sans Ed’? And more importantly, should she go through with the wedding or should she just call the whole thing off?

 ‘Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off’ is available to download from Amazon


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