Jera’s Jamboree : Feature Post Jane Lark

I’m delighted to be welcoming Jane Lark to Jera’s Jamboree.


Jane is a writer of authentic, passionate and emotional Historical and New Adult Romances.

She began her first novel at sixteen, but a life full of difficulty derailed her as she lives with the restrictions of Ankylosing Spondylitis.

When she finally completed a novel it was because she was determined to be able to say I’m a writer.

Now Jane is thrilled to be giving her characters life in others’ imaginations at last.

Jane is also a Chartered Member of the Institute of Personnel and Development, and uses her knowledge of psychology to bring her characters to life.

‘Basically I’m a sucker for a love story. I love the feeling of falling in love and it’s wonderful to be able to do it time and time again in fiction, plus my understanding of people helps me write the really intense relationships I enjoy creating.’




Twitter @JaneLnabooks


Researching a modern story

Research? I hear you query… I am used to writing historical stories – think Pride and Prejudice/ Downton Abbey, only they are a lot more spicy 😉 . Those obviously require a lot of research to create a genuine back drop for the stories. For those stories I read memoirs and letters of the period and visit lots of houses to get a feel for how people lived in the 1800s. But why would I need to research a modern story, I know what it’s like to live in 2013?

Because I don’t know what it’s like to live Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass (DUMBO) in New York in 2013, which is the setting for Jason’s and Rachel’s story.

So how did I find out? Well the modern day version of memoirs for a start, I searched for blog posts from people who lived there, or visited there. One talked about how Manhattan Bridge was rarely used by people because of the noise of the subway trains which crossed it, another spoke about the view of Brooklyn Bridge, and another spoke about the only people you really saw were young men jogging. Well then, Jason immediately became a runner. Other people talked about properties there, and I looked up the local mall, places to go out in Manhattan and what Times Square was like… lots 🙂

Then I discovered the Brooklyn bridge park, another place people said was not a really busy area, and a perfect, beautiful, setting for some of Rachel’s and Jason’s more moving moments.

But other than that, there’s another awesome tool open to an author in the 21st century. Google maps little man. I can put him in a street anywhere and get him to walk along it and see exactly what a street looks like. I had him walk on the Manhattan Bridge, and around the access to it, and then all around the streets in DUMBO, and the Brooklyn Bridge park. Such a clever tool. I used Google maps to research Jason’s home town in Oregon too.

I have a sister-in-law who lives in Klamath Falls in Oregon, but Klamath was far too big, I wanted a small town for the place Jason called home. So I researched the populations of towns in Oregon, and picked on a place to base Jason’s home town on, although I don’t give it a name in the book as I didn’t want to be bound by this exact town. But I did research blog posts about this one town and viewed it all on Google maps, so that the fictional home town I developed for Jason, could be a real place in Oregon.

So, you may think there’s no research to a modern book, but actually if you want to make it real, there is.

I also had to do a lot of research on Rachel, but if I told you all that it would be a huge spoiler for the story ;)…

I love using Google maps!  Do you use it for research? How else do you research a modern story?

I Found You is touring with Fiction Addiction Book Tours

I Found You TB


Tour information

25th December Tracy Riva Books and Reviews
26th December BestChickLit
27th December MissBookworm Reviews
30th December Nerd Alert Book Love
31st December Deal Sharing Aunt
3rd January kimberlyfaye reads
6th January Fairy Tale Ending Book Reviews
7th January JGRWriter
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13th January Brook Cottage Books
15th January Chicklit vs Fantasy
16th January A Daydreamer’s Thoughts
17th January Chicklit Club Connect
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21st January Everything Books and Authors

Jane Lark is generously offering a rucksack giveaway on tour.

You will be able to enter on all tour host posts.

We hope you’ll join in the fun!


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