Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Emma from Chicklit Vs Fantasy



My guest on Stationery Love today is Emma.


When Shaz asked me if I wanted to do a post about her stationery feature I was thrilled. I absolutely LOVE stationery. Always have done. I used to love getting a new pencil case and pens for the first day of school. If I could I would get new ones for each term.

When I started university I spent a lot of money one new pens pencil cases and as I didn’t have my books provided for me by my school anymore I got to pick pretty pads and folders to keep all my work in. It was great.

Nowadays I don’t have much use for stationery but I still love it. I am fussy with pens. Standard bic pens hurt my fingers. Recently I found my favourite pen. Bic for Her. I’ve never been so happy.



They are both pretty and practical. Win, win.

As all the children have just gone back to school (YES!!!) there has been a new season of stationery. This is my favourite time to trawl Paperchase, Wilkinsons, WHSmiths and other stationery shops. I usually try to justify the reasons behind needing these items. This year I really really want these super cute panda highlighters from Paperchase.


I just really need a good excuse. I just started a new role in my company which will require a lot of training so I’m thinking that could be a good enough reason. What do you think?

In preparation for writing this blog I went to Paperchase today. Purely for research purposes of course. And the money I spent that was for research too. When I walked in I nearly died. I saw this display and well I wanted to buy every single thing on it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There’s one more thing I am dying to buy this year and it’s a recipe book. I think this one is just perfect.



As you can see I really do love stationery, but with no school/uni I just don’t buy as much as I used to. I’m hoping to go buy some for my new role in the next few days. I hope you all enjoyed my post


YES Emma, you really can justify the expense of buying stationery for your new role 🙂

Thank you for sharing with us today.

You can find Emma on her book blog, Chicklit Vs Fantasy and tweet with her @chicklitfantasy.


16 thoughts on “Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Emma from Chicklit Vs Fantasy

  1. Loving those Bic pens, they seem to have escaped my notice – until now!! *rushes to shops* : ))

  2. Ha ha I’ve got the cat version of the panda highlighters! 🙂 Oooh the Bic pens…. how did I not know about them?

  3. …double ooooh they are pink and purple… is the ink pink and purple as well? *Hopping up and down in excited anticipation*! 🙂

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