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It gives me great pleasure in welcoming Elle Field to Jera’s Jamboree today.

Elle Field author photo

Elle Field is a twenty-something chick lit author who lives in South London with her boyfriend. She enjoys exploring and photographing Blighty’s capital, seeing far too many musicals, and eating her way around London’s culinary delights.

Her debut novel Kept was released earlier this year, and her next novel Geli Voyante’s Hot or Not will be published on October 17th in Kindle and paperback formats. Watch out in 2014 for the release of Kept’s sequel, and also The Dirtification of Tabitha-Rose.



The inspiration behind Geli Voyante’s Hot or Not

There’s a reason Geli Voyante’s Hot or Not starts in December 2007, and that’s simply because that’s when I first started writing it! Now, nearly six years on, I am finally publishing the book and taking it tour with the lovely Fiction Addiction Book Tours. (This is why I always say to aspiring authors that you should never give up; it may take you six months, six years or sixteen years to achieve your dreams – if you give up though, you never will. Keep at it!)

It’s strange though, I was working on a brand new book after having finished the first draft of Kept, and I was twelve chapters in when I spotted something on Facebook. Maybe if I hadn’t logged on that day Geli would never have been born; maybe further down the line something else would have triggered a similar idea… I guess I’ll never know! What I do know though is that I had to put The Dirtifcation of Tabitha-Rose on hold (out next year and, yes, that’s the same Tabitha that appears in Kept) and immediately crack on with exploring this new idea.

Inspiration can come from anywhere – it could be a line in a song that’s constantly on the radio, an intriguing snippet overheard on the bus or, as was the case with Geli, an engagement announced on Facebook. One half of the couple in question happened to be a girl who I knew at university who always acted like I was her biggest rival. If she saw me chatting to the hot guy outside a lecture theatre, she’d make sure she sat next to him in the lecture theatre. If I showed up with a fab new pair of jeans, she’d have to point out her awesome new handbag.

When I saw her announcement, it sparked the idea of a great rivalry between two characters in a similar situation – Geli Voyante and her rival Tiggy Boodles were born! And as soon as I started scribbling, more and more ideas popped into my head, inspired by things around me. At the time a friend had suggested that we go to South Africa for a holiday, so I decided that’s where Geli would be from – I didn’t want her to be just another stereotypical Home Counties girl – and since South Africa was on my mind, Durban became her hometown and where the end of the book is set.

OK, I must confess: I have no idea where the name Geli came from – it popped in my head, and then I decided it should be a shortening of Angelica as surely no parent would call their child that? Tiggy sounded like a great rival’s name, and her surname was a play on the diamond industry. Boodles is a high-end diamond retailer, and since the two girls are from South Africa which is famous for diamond mining… it had to be done!

As I have a Masters in International Relations and Social Anthropology and (should) know a bit about politics because of this, I wanted to use my knowledge to prove something useful had come out of my degree(!) – cue the creation of Theo, Geli’s love interest in the book and political columnist at the newspaper where Geli works. The week before I had applied for a reporter’s role at a local newspaper…

Somehow everything seemed to slot in place in terms of character and story development for Geli Voyante’s Hot or Not, and twenty days later I had the first draft in my hand. I’ve never managed to rival that quantity of writing since, but that’s probably because it’s easy to get side-tracked with the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re a writer and also tend to get side-tracked by those… well, maybe you might just find the inspiration for your next novel there.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Thank you for sharing the inspiration behind Geli Voyante!  Some things are just meant to be …

Geli Voyante's Hot or Not Elle Field cover‘I think I will always be known as the Hot or Not girl, defined by it for the rest of my career. Even my tombstone will read: Angelica “Geli” Voyante, beloved trendsetter. Death? Not Hot.

Yet, it doesn’t sound right. Why won’t anyone realise that there is more to me than this fickle persona I have inadvertently become?’

Geli Voyante is bored of being the Hot or Not girl, even if it has the perk of sitting next to Theo, the newspaper’s very Hot political columnist. She’s also getting a little lonely being single.

When her arch-nemesis Tiggy Boodles gets engaged, and other loved ones start to settle down, it’s time for Geli to convince Theo that she’s not as shallow as her column suggests and, more importantly, she’s the one for him. Geli should remember though that there are always two sides to every story, and that applies to people too…

Geli Voyante’s Hot or Not is touring with Fiction Addiction Book Tours


Date Tour Host
17th October Donna’s Room for Reading
18th October Thoughts on the Matter
21st October Sam’s Happy Ever After
22nd October A Pondering Moose
23rd October Everything Books and Authors
24th October Fabulous Book Fiend
25th October Laura’s Little Book Blog
28th October Hannah Says …
29th October The Love of a Good Book
30th October That Artsy Girl’s Book Blog
31st October Brook Cottage Books
1st November Laura’s Book Reviews
4th November Me, Bookshelf and I
5th November Me, My Books and I
6th November Pink Fluffy Hearts

The giveaway on this tour is 2 x £10/$20 Amazon Gift Cards.

We hope you’ll join us!


6 thoughts on “Jera’s Jamboree : Feature Post Elle Field

  1. Fabulous! I loved Kept & I’m so happy these a sequel! Also, wise words re never giving up with your writing…I needed those! X

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