Jera’s Jamboree : Musical Inspiration ~ Godspeed by February Grace

I’m delighted to be welcoming February Grace to Jera’s Jamboree today.

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February Grace is a writer, artist, and poet who lives in Southeastern Michigan. She sings in key, plays by ear, and is more than mildly obsessed with colours, clocks, and meteor showers. GODSPEED is her debut novel.

Twitter: @FebruaryGrace




Firstly, here’s more information about February’s debut,  Godspeed:

Godspeed Cover204 pages

Publisher: Booktrope Editions (18 Jun 2013)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1620151499

ISBN-13: 978-1620151495

“What is a heart if not the ultimate clockwork?”

Abigail’s young life was saved by the kindness of strangers: Schuyler Algernon, the man who found her collapsed on cold city streets, and Quinn Godspeed, the doctor who risked everything by breaking the law to keep her fragile heart beating.

As the truth about what she’s become and her feelings for her saviour overtake her, Abigail is forced to ask what constitutes life, living, and what dark secrets are contained within Godspeed’s past and the walls of Schuyler’s house.


GODSPEED Playlist: What Was Playing In My Ears As I Wrote The Novel by February Grace

 I tend to create HUGELY long playlists when I am working on a novel. They evolve, as the story does. They grow as the mood of the book changes and I need fuel to help keep my mind on track with the characters, as they are asserting their personalities and telling the story to me.

My bio on Twitter says “The characters are in control: I just take dictation.” And that really is the way that it feels for me when the writing is at its best: as if someone is just dropping the words down out of the sky and into my brain and then they appear on the screen. Just like that.

If I get stuck at any point (and I always do) I will go seeking a song— the right song, or a new song I’ve never heard before— to help get me going again. It almost always works as a surefire way to get me unstuck.

So here, for your enjoyment and perusal, is a selection of songs from the very long playlist I created while I was working on GODSPEED.

A few are directly tied to the story in my head. (Though the lyrics don’t exactly match the time period of the book exactly, Pretty Things is the song I imagined Schuyler playing on the piano in his despair. Moonlight Sonata is the song I imagined Lilibet playing, and Nocturne in E-flat major, Op. 9, No. 2 by Chopin is the song I imagined the music box playing when Quinn and Abigail danced.) Other than those, the songs listed here are just ones that fit my mood and inspired me as I was writing. I hope that you will find a few interesting, and surprising selections, here among the titles on GODSPEED’s playlist.

It Couldn’t Happen Here: The Pet Shop Boys

Atlantic:  Keane

London Hymn: Josh Groban

The Bells of New York City: Josh Groban

Song of Freedom: The BBC National Orchestra (From Doctor Who)

May It Be:  (Celtic Woman version)

Alright: Pilot Speed

Happiness: The Fray

Pretty Things: Rufus Wainwright

Moonlight Sonata: Beethoven

Shadowside (single mix): a-ha

Nocturne in E-flat major, Op. 9, No. 2 (Played by Finghin Collins)

El Tango de Roxanne: Ewan McGregor (From Moulin Rouge)

Before The Rain: Duran Duran

Thank you for sharing musical inspiration with us today February!

How does music inspire you?

Godspeed is touring with Fiction Addiction:

Godspeed TB


Tour Host

7th October Tressa’s Wishful Endings
8th October Lost to Books
9th October To Another World | Charli’s Book Blog
10th October Victoria’s Pages of Romance
11th October Avid Reader Musings
14th October Brook Cottage Books
15th October Faerie Tale Books
16th October Raven Reviews
17th October Once Upon a YA Book
18th October Share My Destiny
21st October Books for a Delicate Eternity
22nd October We Do Write
23rd October Books behind Dam{n}s
24th October Everything Books and Authors
25th October Dalene’s Book Reviews

There is a giveaway on this tour of $20/£10 Amazon Gift Card plus 3 ecopies.

You will be able to enter on all tour host posts.

Hope you’ll join in the fun on tour!


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