Jera’s Jamboree : Book in the Spotlight ~ His Father’s Son by Tony Black

I’m delighted to share with you His Father’s Son.


Published by Black & White Publishing
3rd September 2013

In a departure from the gritty world of Scottish crime, Tony Black turns to his Australian/Irish roots in a semi-autobiographical bittersweet story about a father and son.

Australia is the Lucky Country and Joey Driscol knows it. It’s a far cry from his native Ireland but he believes this is the place he and his wife, Shauna, can make a new life and forget the troubles of the past. And for a time they do just that. There’s steady work, a new house and, in time, they welcome their new son, Marti, into the world.

But as the years pass, history comes knocking at the door. With Shauna battling the ‘Black Dog’ depression, the ghosts of the past take hold and, with their marriage floundering, Joey’s wife disappears one day taking Marti with her. Distraught, Joey finally hears word that they’ve returned to Ireland. Forced to follow if he wants to see his beloved son again, Joey must confront a past he’d rather forgot and along with it, the father he never wanted to see again.

In a beautifully written story where the tragedy and tenderness of the tale is balanced brilliantly by the light of comic imagery, former crime writer, Tony Black explores the bond between a father and son; the clash of culture and landscape between the ‘old’ and ‘new’ land and takes us on a journey into a family’s struggle with their past, present and uncertain future.

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About the Author1013945_472344066189121_688421197_n

Tony Black is the author of seven previous novels and was described by Irvine Welsh as his “favourite British crime writer”. An award-winning journalist, his parents moved from Scotland to Australia in the 1960s and he was born in New South Wales in 1972. His family moved back to Scotland after his birth but then moved to Ireland in 1979 mirroring the age that Marti arrives in the ‘old land’. Semi-autobiographical,

(Tony’s father was a rugby player and hard-nosed dockyard fitter, youth-capped for Scotland and his bookish son, Tony, mystified him) His Father’s Son is also inspired by the birth of Tony’s own son and the joy of becoming a father himself.

Tony lived in Dublin until last year with frequent visits back to Australia but now lives in Ayrshire with his wife and little boy. His Father’s Son is dedicated to his son and is Tony’s first novel outside of the crime genre.



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