Jera’s Jamboree review : Inner Realms Tarot by Saleire


Book Details
ISBN: 9780764343919
Size: 6″ x 9″
Illustrations: 78 art cards
Pages: 128
Availability: Now Available
Binding: Hard Cover
Book Description
Trust your inner guide, senses, feelings, emotions, and thoughts with Inner Realms Tarot. A deck filled with rich colours and dynamic designs, 78 magical Tarot cards are marked with key words that help you think intuitively. Enhance your readings and quickly begin reaching out to claim your own inspiration. Meditate on the artwork to soothe the body, calm the mind, and bring insight as you receive answers for the questions you bring to the Tarot. A concise companion book will help you learn to navigate the spiritual world for guidance in becoming an intuitive reader. Add new dimensions to your readings by allowing a world of dreams and magical things to wash over your inner self.



I had spent some time sorting out my tarot decks and giving away the majority as I felt it was time to let them go.  I kept one deck even though I felt that too should be owned by someone else now.

Not long after this, I received an email asking me if I would like to review Inner Realms Tarot.  This was meant to be surely!  The American publisher shared my details with Bushwood Books Ltd (who deal with all European orders) who have generously sent me a copy to review.

First of all, the package was sturdy and tabs were sealed meaning no-one could tamper with the package.  I’ve recently received an empty package which only contained a press release so liked the idea of sealing the opening points to ensure the contents of the package is received too!

The box the cards/companion book came in is also sturdy.



and opens up just like a jewellery box (and what a treasure this tarot deck is!)



The deck is well-made.


and the art work/imagery is stunning.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love that there are key words alongside the imagery.


The Inner Realms deck could even be used without the companion book.  I was drawn to the imagery of The Hermit and spent some time meditating on this before I read the text that goes with this card.

The text is succinct:

“It is time to seek within for answers, realise your path, and know that you are going in the right direction.  You need this time to put things in perspective, contemplate and relax.  You are reading, studying and searching everywhere for answers, but sometimes the only thing you need to do is ask yourself one question:  Am I happy?  If the answer is no, then you have work to do by seeking the truth about your life and why you are not happy.  Look deeper into the meaning of life, and know where you stand.  Ask again:  Am I happy? If not, change your life and progress further along the path of truth.”

All accompanying interpretations are similarly written – you don’t have to read through lots of text but there is plenty enough to prompt your inner thoughts  and for you to take ownership to finding the answers you seek. (For those who know me, The Hermit is relevant to my life right now).  Tarot is intuitive but I feel the imagery of The Inner Realms deck takes us deeper into our inner selves, our subconscious, on a personal level.

You don’t need to have any knowledge about Tarot to use this deck.  The companion book takes us through an Introduction and the three most popular spreads,


Then we move onto the meanings behind the imagery on the Major and Minor Arcana cards.  Underneath the interpretations is a space where you can record your first impressions.


The Inner Realms Tarot is a treasure trove, full of prompts via the imagery and text.  You can use it on a personal level to further your own development or if you are a reader, tap into the shared energies of your querent.

This is one deck that will be with me for a long time.  I have no hesitation in recommending the Inner Realms Tarot whether you are just starting out investigating the use of tarot or you are an experienced reader.

Saleire is a qualified, Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU) healer, author, inspirational artist, and spiritual medium.

Inner Realms Tarot retails at £37.50 and can be purchased from (European supplier):

Bushwood Books Ltd

6 Marksbury Avenue,

Kew Gardens,



Tel: 44 (0) 20 8392 8585

Website :


P & P is currently FREE within the UK

£10.50 EEC Europe

£18.50 Rest of Europe


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