Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Christina Courtenay


My guest today on Stationery Love is Christina Courtenay.


There’s something very special about stationery shops and I can never resist browsing.  Whether I actually need anything or not, I usually always come out with a purchase – a folder, a new diary, a notebook or some lovely pens.  They call to me – “buy me, buy me, please!” – and so I do.


I’ve kept a diary on and off since I was eight.  My first one had a lock and key and the entries are hilarious – mostly I wrote about the awful food we’d been given at school and what my friends and I had been up to.  I also wrote sage advice to myself such as “when I grow up, I’m going to bake cinnamon buns for my children every day”.  (This was obviously a dig at my mother who refused to do so – can’t think why :-))

I love folders and have different coloured ones for each of my published novels.  They act as scrap books and as I usually buy the kind with plastic pockets, I can keep all sorts of other things in there like research material, notes, reviews, bookmarks and postcards.  I have a folder for business cards too from Muji ( – love their transparent range!) and little plastic boxes from them for paper clips and rubber bands.

When I was a little girl, I used to love playing with paper dolls.  Anyone else remember those?  I spent most of my time drawing extra clothes for them, which meant I went through a lot of paper and countless sets of felt tip pens.  I still get a thrill out of buying a new pack of felt tips, the more colours the better!  Not that I do much drawing these days, but you never know when they might come in handy, right?  I do use highlighters a lot though and love the packs of different coloured ones of those as well.  And I can never resist the little mini ones either, even though I know they won’t last long!


Then there are post-it notes – what would we do without them?  I have sticky notes all over the place to remind myself to do various things or to help me remember passwords and user names for certain sites.

Someone mentioned calendars recently and although I do keep appointments on my iPhone calendar, I also have a paper one.  And I carry a little notebook in my handbag just in case I need to jot down an idea or something important.  My current obsession is for anything from Paperblanks ( ) – my diary is one of theirs, as well my notebooks, but who knows, the next time I go into a stationery shop I will probably come out with a different one!


Many thanks for having me here to share my love of stationery!

Stunning diary Christina!  

Thank you for sharing with us!

Christina Courtenay lives in London and is married with two children. Although born in England, she is half Swedish and was brought up in Sweden. In her teens, the family moved to Japan and she had the opportunity to travel extensively in the Far East and other parts of the world.

Christina is a committee member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association. She has won two of their prizes – the Elizabeth Goudge Trophy for a historical short story in 2001 and the Katie Fforde Bursary in 2006.

Her debut novel Trade Winds was short-listed for the Pure Passion Award for Best Historical Fiction 2011. Her second novel, The Scarlet Kimono, received the Best Historical Fiction prize for the Big Red Read 2011, and her third novel, Highland Storms, won the RoNA (Romantic Novelists Association Award) for Best Historical Romantic Novel 2012. As well as her novels, Christina has had four Regency novellas published, all available in Large Print and soon to be released for Kindle.

Her hobbies include genealogy, archaeology (the armchair variety), listening to loud rock music and collecting things.

Twitter – @PiaCCourtenay



24 thoughts on “Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Christina Courtenay

  1. I love that purple notebook – it’s gorgeous!! It’s been at least a few weeks since I bought some stationary so I think I may be due a shopping trip 🙂

    Another fab post Shaz!

  2. Me too. If I am on holiday especially I head for the stationery department looking for something new to brighten up my life.

  3. oops – just spent my lunch break browsing the Paperblanks website. Thank you Christina :-).

  4. I’ve just spent my lunch break browsing the Paperblanks website. Thank you Christina :-).

  5. Ahh! So you too hear the voices of notebooks shouting “Buy me”. I think it must be some sort of medical condition. They look very special, for special words only, I should imagine : ))

  6. I’m a bit of a stationary lover myself, and my favourite shop is Wilkinson, where you can buy anything from shampoo and household goods, to catfood and, yep, stationary. Can spend hours there!

  7. Glad it’s not just me! I love stationery. I’ve got a cupboard full of virginal notebooks and more pens than I’ll ever be able to use. . I’m off to Wilkinsons now…

    Great interview, Christina. As always. x

    • 🙂 Have to go to Staples next week for packaging … probably won’t be able to resist having a look at EVERYTHING 🙂

      It’s been great hosting you Christine.

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