Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Lauren Howell


My guest today on Stationery Love is Lauren Howell.


My mother still shakes her head whenever I buy a new pen or notebook.  When I was a kid she always hated back to school shopping because I always had to get new pens and pencils and notebooks even though I had things left over from the year before.  It was always my favorite time of year, back to school shopping.

Now I’m an adult and I would like to say the obsession has faded away but I can only say that it’s gotten worse!  I have way too many pens then one person should ever own and too many notebooks that I haven’t even begun to write in yet!

Over the last couple of years I’ve made it my quest to find the perfect of each.  After all, I am a writer (and that’s always my excuse when I buy something new), and I prefer to write on paper than to write on the computer.

And so far, I think I’ve succeeded in my quest.  I’ve found what works for me and now the obsession has even hit an all new level!

T o make matters worse, I even found an awesome website to fuel my obsession. – seriously, if you’re a stationary junkie, don’t go there unless you’re willing to spend some money.  They have all this awesome stuff that you can’t get in the United States (and possibly the U.K.).  Everything is imported from Japan, where, apparently, the entire country has a stationary fetish!

It’s there that I found this gem last week:


That pen is a uni-gel pen but that pink grip is SUPER soft and comfy.  And it writes nice.  I always carry a million pens and a notebook with me wherever I go and so I invested in this pencil case and I’m amazed!  Inside that, I think I probably have about 30 pens, whiteout, an eraser, post-it tabs, a mini stapler, a stapler remover, lead and eraser refill and post-it notes.  No joke.  And it’s still as compact as ever.  It’s like it’s bigger on the inside!

But those aren’t my favorite by far.  My favorite pens to write with are Pilot Frixion pens.  They come in awesome colors, write so smoothly, AND they erase.  You can’t use them for any official documents because the ink is sensitive to heat (hence the frixion part).  But the nifty thing is, if you accidentally leave your notebook in the car in the middle of the summer and all you’re writing has disappeared, just stick the notebook in the freezer and it will all come back!  Awesome, huh!?  The only problem was, over here in the U.S. I only ever found them sold in groups of two…red and orange, and black and blue….the eraser was on the end of the pen and the pen had a cap.  Now, where do you put the cap of your pen when you’re using it?  That’s right, on the end, right where the eraser was.  For the longest time I wished for retractable ones and when I found I finally got my wish!  They sold a whole pack of them!  I was in heaven.  I snatched them up right away and couldn’t be happier.  Here are my beloved pens (and the nifty little eraser you can buy for them):

eraser pens

Really, you should try them sometime.  You can buy them individually as one.  But who wants just one color, right!?

Now, notebooks.  I have plenty of them.  I have an orange one, a purple one, one from the Hunger Games I got for Christmas, I’ve got ALL SORTS of notebooks and they are all scattered around my room in various places.  But my favorite of all time, and the one I write all my books in, is a Moleskine.  Marvelous, leather covers, marvelous paper.   They just feel awesome to write in!  If you haven’t tried them out, you should!

They even sell limited edition ones.  They have a Hobbit one which I BEGGED my mom to buy for Christmas.  And she did.  It’s so fantastic that I haven’t been able to bring myself to write in it yet.  And it even came with a map of Middle Earth!  You can’t really beat that, can you?  They have all sorts of notebooks.  They have ones made specifically for hobbies, whether it’s cooking, reading, traveling, etc.  They have other limited edition ones like Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, and Lego.  They come with a pocket in the back to store notes, most of them have a strap to hold them shut and a cloth book marker.  And, they hold up extremely well.  Here’s a picture of a couple of my many, many notebooks….complete with the map of Middle Earth!  😉  The black one is my go-to moleskine that I write all my stories in.


And a close up of my cherished Hobbit notebook.  Isn’t it beautiful!?  It’s actually more of a reddish color, not brown.


Along with pens and notebooks I also always seem to have an over abundance of post-it notes and tablets laying about.  Anything I can write on or with, I guess, will always find its way into my room!

Everyone always gets a kick out of the fact that I always carry a notebook with me and always have a bazillion pens on hand.  Whenever I get a new notebook or pen my mom just shakes her head.  I guess she’ll just never understand!  😉

Thank you for sharing your love of stationery with us today Lauren.

 Love the tagline for Jetpens ~ Love At First Write ® 🙂

(to UK readers, they do ship Internationally)


Lauren is the author of two books (at least so far).   ‘Rowan’ a young adult fantasy ( – please note, ‘Rowan’ is currently taking a hiatus to undergo some changes…but you can certainly bookmark it for the future!) ; and ‘Map of Bones’ a short, supernatural thriller (

Both of those links head over to Amazon.  Lauren is hoping to make both books available on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords by the end of the summer.  Stay tuned!

Lauren lives in south eastern Pennsylvania with her two cats Shiloh and Squeaker, and her parents (at least until she’s done her master’s degree).   She has a bachelor’s degree in World Missions and only has three classes left before she receives her second BA in Anthropology.  She got an offer to attend the forensic archaeology and crime scene investigation master’s degree program at the University of Bradford (yes, in the U.K.) and hopes to be attending there next September (2014).

In her spare time Lauren loves doing pretty much anything.  From reading, photography, computer games, video games, board games, card games, movies, music and tv – to hiking, four wheeling, horseback riding, camping, sports, and anything else that could be even remotely fun.  And she loves to go on adventures.

She also loves anything mysterious and spooky.  Loves reading about the mysteries of the world, such things as the Bermuda triangle, the Money Pit, the Knights Templar, etc.  Anything that may or may not be true but has a mysterious twist to its history, lore, or legend.  She likes reading ghost stories or about anything spooky or unexplainable and would take a bet to spend the night in a “haunted house” alone if someone asked her to.  She also loves reading about cryptozoology (big foot, lochness monster, jersey devil, etc.).

Lauren’s Links:

Twitter: lm_howell


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