Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Carol Wright


My guest today on STATIONERY LOVE is Carol Wright.


As a child my parents would take my brother and me out for days and we would get a pen/pencil/eraser and little notebook whenever we visited a castle, stately home or zoo.

I still do this with my own children.  Gift shops at attractions tend to be quite expensive so this is my way of letting the children take home something to remind them of their day out without breaking the bank.

At school I loved my Bic 4 colour pens.  Pencil cases were there to relieve the boredom in certain lessons. Rubbers, pencil cases and folders would be doodled until unrecognisable.  Boys names, little cartoon dogs, caterpillars etc. This was the extent of my rebelliousness in school.  🙂

I prefer to write in pencil.  This comes from my school days as a left-hander that could not get on with fountain pens.  When I was at school we were using cartridge fountain pens but these were still the enemy as far as a left hander was concerned.  I gave up on fountain pens as soon as I possibly could.

I tend to borrow stationary from my daughter these days. Her bedroom is a haven for stationery and craft supplies.


These funky A4 folders were from the supermarket. Stationery doesn’t have to be expensive. I use these for filing paid bills etc.

I have a lovely Filofax that fits into my handbag that my daughter gave me for my birthday last year. Last year it was my wedding100_9940 planner, too.

My daughter currently works part-time in an Independent Stationers and this is where she found my Filofax.

I could not be without my diary.  I tend to have a mid year planner as it fits in with the children’s school year. The lilac mid year in the photo is my book blog diary. It is stuffed with cards and leaflets I picked up at the Festival of Romance last year.

The notebook to the right with lilac pattern is my Romantic Fiction notebook that I keep all my notes in for my role as Reviews Editor for Romantic Fiction On-line.

Thank you for sharing with us today Carol.  Memories of doodling … sigh! How fortunate your daughter is working at a stationers 🙂 

I must admit to an obsession with diaries … I have one for book blogging, one for the tours and a personal one – as well as my two online calendars as well. I’m still a paper girl at heart.

Has any blog readers made the transition to online diaries completely?  Or are you like Carol and I with our paper diaries still in ascendancy?

About Carol 

Carol aka a DizzyC has been blook blogging and reviewing for over 2 years at DizzyC’s Little Book Blog.

She is voluntary Reviews Editor for Romantic Fiction On-line and an Associate Reader for Love a Happy Ending.

Carol can be found at:


19 thoughts on “Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Carol Wright

  1. As a reader, rather than a writer – my wife and I were reminiscing last week. Who remembers Churston Deckle stationery? Lined envelopes, great packaging. What happened to them???

  2. Oh I couldn’t completely switch to an online diary either – I need paper diaries too (I currently have four that I use every day for different things!). Another fab post Shaz 🙂

  3. Thank you for having me as guest Sharon.
    Thank you for your comments, folks 🙂
    I have just bought my mid year planner fir Sept from The Works. I cannot have a Jan to Dec diary. Have been using Sept to Aug for since many years since I was a teaching assistant and now I continue as it makes it easier with my own children.

    carol Dizzy C

    • My blog diary is Jan – Dec but that’s because I ordered it incorrectly on Vistaprint! Much prefer the academic year diary too Carol.

      Lovely to host you today 🙂

  4. Love it! I’m very much a computer girl these days, but calendars, diaries, workplans, that kind of stuff ~ I need paper. Love your notebooks and files, Carol!

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