Sharon Goodwin of Jera’s Jamboree, shares some of her thoughts on book blogging

I’m being hosted by Sharon Sant today. I’m talking book blogging. Join in the discussion!

Sharon Sant

531961_399792066754144_972518444_nI met Sharon on Twitter, having been introduced online by a mutual friend, the lovely Mel Sherratt.  We have three things in common (although this may turn into the Spanish inquisition if we’re not careful), our name, a certain town in Dorset, and our love of books. Oh yes, and Mel of course, so that’s four (I told you it would turn into the Spanish Inquisition).  So, there was no way we weren’t going to hit it off!  Sharon is super-busy at the moment – not only does she run Jera’s Jamboree but she also runs a book tour service, Fiction Addiction, and also holds down a day job, so I was thrilled that she took some time out to talk to me about her blogging habits.  Here’s what she had to say:

Name your top 5 peeves from author review requests.


Top of the list has to…

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