Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Mandy Baggot (aka Lady B)



My guest today on Stationery Love is Mandy Baggot.


Having read all the fantastic and sometimes weird stationery obsessions people have, I thought this spot wasn’t for me. What did I have to contribute? Me, with my plain black BIC biro (missing lid) and a Tesco Value A5 pad. However, that’s OK and even qualifies me to be on Stationery Love. Apparently it counts as a stationery fetish! How very 50 Shades, Mr Grey!

I have to admit, I love a freebie and what better freebie than a pen? I’m particulary fond of my purple erotic pen I picked up at the Festival of Romance in 2011 and my Principal Hayley hotel pen that smells really nice (?!). I’m also embarrassed to admit that I keep all those free pens that come through the post. But, when I actually thought about it properly, I do have a love for ‘proper’ stationery it’s just my time to indulge has diminished.

Stationery Love

We had a great stationery stall at school and my products of choice were anything made by Staedtler. The erasers (notice I didn’t call them rubbers!) were the best, but it was the pens that stole my heart. Nothing quite tops the shape of the shaft of a Staedtler pen – medium tip! Goodness, that sounded almost pornographic!

So, on that note, now that Stationery Love has reignited my lust for German writing instruments, I’m off to play with my new ten pack!

Ahem … what can I say 🙂 

Actually, I had a look at the Staedtler website and found this amazing DIGITAL pen!

digital pen


Mandy Baggot brings you award-winning fiction! In 2012 she won the coveted Innovation in Romantic Fiction award at the UK’s Festival of Romance. Her novel Strings Attached was also short listed for Best Author Published Read!MandyBaggot


Mandy writes strong contemporary romance and characters you’ll fall in love with. Previously self-published, she was signed by US publishing house Sapphire Star Publishing in January 2012. Shortly afterwards she became a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association.


Mandy is a self-confessed Twitter addict who also likes to show off her singing talents on You Tube – check out Lady Gaga! She has auditioned for X Factor, appeared on ITV1s Who Dares Sings and longs to duet with Bryan Adams. She also has a fondness for white wine, mashed potato, country music and World’s Strongest Man.


Mandy lives near Salisbury in Wiltshire, UK with her husband, two daughters and two cats called Kravitz and Springsteen.


You can find out more on Mandy’s website or check out her author page at Sapphire Star Publishing




6 thoughts on “Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Mandy Baggot (aka Lady B)

  1. Ooh, love the look of that digital pen … think it might me a ‘must have…’ and I have birthday coming up. A lover of Staedtler too Many! Love this series Shaz, interesting to see what everyone has in their personal stationery collection.

    • Thanks Linn.

      Would be interested in knowing how you get on with the digital pen. I’ve bought a voice recorder to capture my thoughts 🙂

  2. Although I love the odd fancy pen, I have to say I’ve taken to writing with pencils lately. They last so much longer, which means I don’t have the frustration of running out of ink and like you, Mandy, I can pick them up in a pack of ten. I can write for months with that lot! x

  3. I love that digital pen, too! I want one (just over £80)…
    Although annoyingly I already have a Bamboo stylus tablet that I have never got to grips with – what a waste that was. This looks much better, as you write and draw on paper at the same time as it’s recorded, not on a hard, shiny screen…
    Love your Stationery Love 🙂

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