Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Nikki Goodman



My guest today on STATIONERY LOVE is Nikki Goodman.



Reading and writing (though with a few other activities that did involve social interaction!) were the mainstays of my childhood.

And with writing comes… an addiction to writing materials. When I was young it was Hello Kitty notepads – a new rage from Japan – helped by the fact that I had a three week stay in Tokyo when I was seven years old…

Hello Kitty Notebook

As I grew into a teenager I wrote for the school magazine in Secondary school and revelled in writing the English Lit essays that my fantastic English teacher set us. But I must admit that I wasn’t one for frills in terms of my chosen stationery. It consisted of cheap, chunky A4 lined notepads and blue biros. And I seldom remembered to carry them around with me. So I wrote short stories on whatever I could lay my hands on; scraps of paper, the back pages of textbooks, receipts and even napkins.

As I’ve gotten older, and certainly over the last four years or so, since rejoining the Romantic Novelists’ Association (RNA) New Writers’ Scheme in 2010, my tastes have become more sophisticated. That is… er, well, I now seize any opportunity to buy pretty stuff for writing. I wish I had my own stationery cupboard, but without any designated space at home (the house is too full of kids and animals) I’ve settled for a butterfly flocked expanding file shoved under the bedside table. It’s choc full of pens, A4 folders, rubber bands, pencils, envelopes, stamps, blank postcards, paperclips etc

Butterfly expanding folder

Basically anything I need in order to send hard copy submissions off or that makes me feel like A Proper Writer. Actually, the truth is, I’d be a writer without that stuff, simply because I write, but still, it’s nice to feel prepared (my organisational skills have also improved with age). And I do like sparkly/colourful/pretty/unique/funky notepads and books. Here is notepad with New York skyline I bought a few months ago (not that I can remember where) with a multipack of pens (you can never have too many pens!)

Staples notebooks

Here are the latest notebooks I bought myself from Staples with my Christmas money (not that I can find them online now!)

I love the larger book because the paper is of good quality, there’s one of those ribbons in it so I can mark my place, it’s a hard cover so I can perch it on my knee and write anywhere (in fact I drafted the basis of this post whilst sat on one of those awful low wooden benches we used to have in PE whilst watching my son do Karate). Best of all is that there’s a magnetic flap that closes it so that it doesn’t get bent or full of crumbs (don’t ask) in my bag.

I am aspiring to buy a moleskin book at some point.  You can see the range on their website

But my aim is to buy one of the truly breathtaking notebooks I saw in WH Smith over the New Year – from the Paperblanks range – which I’m trying to justify spending the money on given that I don’t earn any income from my writing (yet). Just look at the overwhelming gorgeousness of these… the holy grail of notebooks…


One day…

Thank you for sharing with us Nikki.  I love your expanding file … blog readers, do you have a basic functional filing system or do you have something decorated and pretty?  I must admit I have a rather large transparent plastic filing box that lives under the bed for all that household paper!


Nikki Goodman is an aspiring author of Contemporary Romance and Commercial Women’s fiction whose blog – Writing, Work and Wine – can be found at She has been a finalist in several writing competitions including Novelicious Undiscovered 2012. She is a member of the RNA New Members’ Scheme, a probationary membership for aspiring writers that includes a manuscript critique and attendance at industry events. She writes for Romance Matters (RNA Magazine) and attended the Festival of Romance 2011 where she co-presented a workshop and chaired a panel. She also attended the RNA Conference 2012 and is looking forward to any other excuse to stand in a roomful of writers, chat and drink wine!


13 thoughts on “Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Nikki Goodman

  1. Love your Staples notebooks! Did you know TK Maxx sell Paperblanks notebooks much cheaper than WH Smith? They sell wonderful storage boxes too (no I don’t work for them, though sometimes I do wonder!) You sound like a very busy lady, and I laughed at you writing on receipts, adds a whole new reason to save them!

  2. I tend to just leave my stationary in a neat pile on my desk but I LOVE the idea of using an expandable file to keep everything in!

    • I bought some expanding files ages ago from The Works. Sam still uses his for all his stuff but ours just got too big … hence the plastic tub under the bed!

      If you buy one, photo????? 🙂

      Thanks for commenting today Kate.

  3. Thanks Amanda, Kate, Lindsay and Cheryl for having a read and leaving comments. I will be checking out TK Maxx! Sadly I’m not using my expanding folder much these days… but that’s because I have my own little writing corner with a lovely old fashioned desk with lots of drawers to store stuff in… Happy days! If you’re interested, I blogged about it here

    Shaz – thanks so much for letting me pop in and feature on your fantastic blog – especially when it’s to natter on about stationery!

    Nikki 🙂

    • I started to read that but then got sidetracked so it went back to the bottom of the pile! Still waiting on my Kindle though …

      Thanks for commenting.

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