Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Joanna Lambert


My guest on Stationery Love today is Joanna Lambert.


Well, what can I say about stationery? I have to confess I’ve been addicted for years.  It’s really not safe to leave me anywhere near a W H Smith, Paperchase or Staples.  I love Tinc as well but as it’s terribly expensive I have to curb my craving!

What hasn’t helped is that my whole working life has been in an office environment.  Not only that over the years I’ve worked as an Office Manager in different companies which means one thing – I get to control the stationery cupboard! In one particular job I had we ordered via catalogue with delivery the next day (on line ordering had yet to arrive).  This was in the late eighties and the company I worked didn’t stint on anything, including the stationery budget.  I felt like a child let loose in a sweet shop.  Now this may sound as if I was the last of the big spenders, buying for the sake of it.  Not so.  All it meant was that as there were no budget restrictions we could have the best of everything – and we did!

My biggest fetish, I have to confess, is for books and pens.  Books are the worst thing – spiral bound, hardback, narrow lined, plain, A4, A5, it matters not, if I like the look of it I buy it.  And no, none of them go to waste, I do eventually get around to using them all!

DSCF1340 (800x600)


DSCF1387 (480x640)

A recent addition to Joanna’s hoard

As far as pens are concerned I love Pentel as I find my writing is completely different – much better in fact – with rollerball than with a bog standard biro.  I splashed out on a Harley Davidson pen in the mid-nineties which I still have.  And recently when I went into Woods, Bath’s traditional independent stationers at the bottom of Milsom Street, I purchased a beautiful green Cross roller ball.  Woods, I hasten to add, is yet another Aladdin’s cave full of the most wonderful things!

DSCF1341 (800x600)

And where would I be without mentioning the freebie pens? The job I had before my current one was working as PA/Office Manager in a large hospital pharmacy.  Every week the drug reps would visit with a huge selection of stationery – Post It notes, staplers, USB sticks and, of course, pens!

DSCF1343 (800x600)

Thank you so much Shaz for creating this opportunity for stationery junkies like me to confess all.  There must be some deep psychological meaning as to why some of us love stationery to the point of addiction but it’s totally lost on me. Stationery simply brings out the magpie in me and I love to hoard it.  Will I ever grow out of this need to buy books and pens?  Not as long as Smiths, Staples and Paperchase are on the high street – in fact with my purchases I think I’m probably doing my bit to keep them there!

Thank you for sharing with us Joanna.  Tincs is a new one for me to explore (and shhh, you can buy online with Woods too with free delivery on order overs £10 in the UK!)

Blog readers, do you have a make of pen your prefer above others?

Jo Lambert lives on the eastern edge of  Bath in Somerset with her husband, one small grey cat called Mollie and a white MG Midget called Bridget, affectionately known as her husband’s ‘other woman’.  She has written four novels – The Behind Blue Eyes Trilogy (When Tomorrow Comes, Love, Lies and Promises and The Ghost of You and Me) and a sequel Between Today and Yesterday.  She is currently working on her fifth novel.

You can find Joanna blogging at

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Joanna Tweets: @jolambertwriter

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Amazon link to Between Today and Yesterday


12 thoughts on “Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Joanna Lambert

  1. Lovely addiction!
    You made me chuckle with your freebie pens…my husband has the same problem. Every day he comes home from work with a different pen emblazoned with some company logo! We laugh about it now!

    • This sounds awful Donna but I was clearing out underneath our bed … and found 8 pens lol some freebies, a couple of bics, a gorgeous crystal one. I was quite excited 🙂

  2. Gosh, I haven’t been in Woods for years! Or Bath, for that matter (I was born and bred there!)

    I loved your comment, Joanna, about it not being safe to leave you anywhere near a stationery outlet. I was in charge of office stationery once, too. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed much leeway! 😉

    My husband has 2 MGs – both off road, at the moment, but I’m sure it’ll take up oodles of his time once he gets them back on the road….. sigh…. 😉

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