Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Donna Trinder


My guest on Stationery Love today is Donna Trinder.


I, like Sharon, have always coveted stationery and it has been the only thing I have always ever wanted, and normally always the only thing I got! I remember being four, and I don’t remember very much about being four, when my mum’s friend (who was also my Health Visitor) came to visit, and pulled out a proper brown paper package which she placed in my podgy paws. I unwrapped it and remember my confusion when it contained a few lined exercise books and a packet of pencils. I can remember being slightly disappointed as I thought it was a book, as it normally was when I received gifts from this lovely friend! But when she had gone I opened my books and apparently filled them in no time at all, I do always remember her showing me how to write my name on the front page by drawing little dots for me to join up! I think that was probably my first ever stationery present!

Many Christmases followed with me only putting on my letter to Father Christmas that I wanted a drawing book and crayons, and this, teamed with a plain A4 pad would always be my most beloved gift!

I then started my collection of novelty erasers!

Remember the scented ones…?


We were lucky enough to live by the sea and our high street and seafront have always been lined with little gift shops, normally with towering shelves of these items! That for me (like Sharon again!) was always what my meagre pocket money was spent on! I had a marvellous collection in the end, goodness knows where it ended up!

Nowadays my collection has diversified into notebooks and journals. I have a rapidly growing collection which has started to get less and less practical as we go along!

Initially I favoured the Pukka pads with their crisp, clean pages, and plenty of them. I still buy those but they are for serious ‘working’! Then it comes down to beauty, and I start to accumulate this kind:


All very beautiful but I don’t think as yet, any have actually been written in.

They will…although I am not sure what on earth I could write that would be worthy for these journals:

Then there are my staples, my ‘couldn’t-work-without’s’:


And finally, my last, little favourite!


I love birds, and this colourful, beautiful one is always in my bag ready for making little notes or sketching ideas, and I will be devastated when I run out of pages!

Speaking of my bag…it is not exactly stationery…but –


My fabulous satchel from the Cambridge Satchel Company. I love it, it makes me a better writer, I’m positive! It fits all of my essentials in for when I need a coffee break and want to schlep all my things with me, and it smells glorious of good quality leather!

I don’t have quite as many pens, I have a couple of novelty dog and bear pens from Harrods which are cute, but these are my pen of choice:


Bic Crystal Silver Barrel pens, they’re a limited edition for the Diamond Jubilee. They look fantastic and write beautifully. I love these pens! I also like a good fountain pen. When I started Grammar school writing with a fountain pen was compulsory so both my husband and I both quickly got used to it!

I tend to stick to WHSmith for my staple notebooks and always pay less than £5, and I do have some really pretty ones from bargain shops such as The Works, but when I want to splash out I always go to TK Maxx. Their collection of notebooks and journals is just superb and I never leave empty handed! Although still never paying more than £10 or £12 per book! As far as I know the Limited Edition Bic’s are only available at, and my Cambridge Satchel is also in a limited edition colourway, but other gorgeous examples can be found at the Cambridge Satchel Company.

Thank you for sharing with us Donna.  I’m coveting the satchel … 

Blog readers, do you have a top price you pay for journals?

You can find Donna blogging at Lost and Found

and Room for Reading

You can find Donna Tweeting @donna_trinder


34 thoughts on “Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Donna Trinder

  1. Oh so many gorgeous items 🙂 I want all of those journals… and the satchel… and the pens 😀

  2. You actually have more journals than I do. The one with the bird and jewell from Tk max I saw a whole range of notelets and cards and writing paer in the same design I think it was in Clinton Cards,not cheap though. Lovely post Donna and Sharon.

  3. Oh YES!! The scented erasers! I still have my Trebor Mints eraser in its plastic bottom and case! Not that it smells of much but my imagination, these days. 😉

    Lovely childhood memories, Donna, and I share your reticence about writing in the most beautiful notebooks.

    And it was you, I think, who put me onto the Bic silver barrel pens – I bought a pack and split them between Ron and me. 😉

  4. Sorry to say, I didn’t collect the scented erasers – my children did !!! I don’t think they’d been invented when I was a child !! Now that little thought has really made my day : ( Love your notebooks Donna, I do recognise a few. I’ve never seen those pens before though, they look lovely : ))

  5. Ah, scented erasers. Plain ones were only for writing the name of your latest crush at school LOL

    That Peacock notebook is just too beautiful to write in.


  6. I am the same with paper and notebooks. I recently did a market research and the person running it left me to make notes on our group’s thoughts on the product. He gave me an A4 shiny notebook, with a glam logo at the top. The paper was so glossy and thick 🙂 I couldn’t help myself stroking and sniffing it! Slightly embarrassing in front of a room full of women – until they all asked me for their own sheet to caress and stick their nose in!
    It seems a lot of us have this perversion! 😉

  7. Excellent post. I too use Pukka pads for “serious writing” – or would if I didn’t use my computer!
    Love the shiny pens – must make writing a pleasure, although I prefer something squishier like a Papermate fibre-tip…
    As for the satchels, the founder of this company is a mum who started as a small business and grew it. The story is here:
    Cheers 🙂

  8. I read this when posted but was out and about and realised I never commented. Love your last notebook with the owls, its beautiful 🙂 in fact they are all great. I use to collect rubbers too, I was always jealous of my cousins!

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