Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Anne Mackle


My guest on Stationery Love today is Anne Mackle.


I’ve been sussed, I was talking on Facebook about how much I love stationery and Sharon asked me to contribute to her blog. What? I thought, she wants me to tell the world of my addiction? Now it’s one thing to confess that you’re addicted to books but quite another to say you’re also addicted to stationery.

I think this addiction started when I was first allowed to travel by bus on my own. I used to go to Woolworths and spend my pocket money on pencils, rubbers and little notebooks. Nothing came in packets back then it was all displayed on the counter for you to touch and feel. I loved those Saturdays. I collected notelets and boxes of fancy writing paper that came with envelopes with flowers printed on them; those were the days before email of course. Every child had a toy Post Office set with little stampers and tiny envelopes and stamps.

When I had children my addiction resurfaced as I was always in and out stationery shops looking for bargains for them and would spend ages choosing them. Everything was so much better, rubbers came in all shapes and sizes, and they even had scented ones. Character pencil cases and pencils, something I never had when young.

A few years ago I enrolled in a college course. What was my first thought? To rush to buy folders and polypockets and pens and paper, need I say more?

Since I started writing I have become obsessed with journals, there are so many lovely ones in the shops. My favourite shop has to be TKMaxx, I have never seen such a variety of journals anywhere else. They also have lovely post-its for sticking on the fridge, so much prettier than the usual yellow ones. Tesco is fantastic for stationary, I could spend ages looking through it all and they have really good sales. There used to be a shop in town called The Stationary Box everything was priced well and that’s where I purchased my tape dispenser, stapler, files, and laminator. I think it’s now changed to a Rymans store. There is something about a stationery shop that’s a bit like a bookshop, I become starry eyed and don’t know what to look at first. I love buying birthday cards, new home cards, thank you cards etc. I have a box of cards for every occasion everyone knows where to come if they forget to buy one.

My favourite journals were bought in Turkey.

Sharon's pic

My husband bought me the green one with the star and we were told they used the same paper for it as they use for the Koran. I haven’t used it yet I’m too scared to ruin it.

Sharon's pic2

This one is from TKMaxx and it’s beautiful inside too.

I think if you love books the natural progression is to love writing and it seems from what I hear on Twitter and Facebook, if you love reading and writing you will also, one day find yourself addicted to browsing stationery shops and filling your house with their contents.

Thanks Sharon for asking me to contribute to your wonderful blog.

Thank you Anne for sharing with us.  I love the green journal and can understand your reluctance to use it!  Blog readers, have you bought any stationery while you’ve been to a different country to the one you live in?  A trip to TKMaxx is looking likely for me … 🙂

You can find Anne at her blog Is AnyoneThere?

And on Twitter @cassam101

20 thoughts on “Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Anne Mackle

  1. I think I’m going to go to TMaxx too. I have some lovely journals but the ones with the most valuable pieces of writing are the plain ones. Those beautiful ones make me nervous, like you said Anne! If Kindle develop a smelly, feely Skin I might like it more but I’m sorry, it just isn’t paper!

  2. I adore the cat one Anne! That’s just screaming “Wise words only,” I remember going to Woolworths too. I used to buy these little Toyland writing sets with stamps and envelopes, or ‘real’ exercise books. Can you imagine my torment when I started work as a secretary in a Primary school, responsible for ordering and distributing all stationery! What a lovely start to the week – Stationery blog on a Monday : ))

    • Oh Amanda I do remember the Toyland writing sets I loved them. The cat one is from Turkey I bought a slightly smaller version last year for my friend.

  3. I’m with you all the way – I have a lovely gold and peacock blue notebook for my ‘jottings’. Just writing on the pages is so satisfying, particulalry when I use a laptop most of the time. It’s a different connection with the words…

  4. Love the cat one, and the green one and….! Never go into TKMAxx – will have to now! Yay!…and oh… the wonderful smell of paper! 🙂 One of the joys of kids is getting “stuff” luckily, although I have boys, my youngest is as addicted as I am! 🙂 x

  5. Those books with locks look like they are made for writing secrets in. I love them but just couldn’t bear to write in them in case I made a mistake.
    My favourite books from abroad are those little spiral bound notebooks from France, that are ruled with little squares instead of lines – they improve my handwriting because I try to fit a letter into every square…
    Loving the stationery love posts 🙂

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