Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Brook Cottage Books


My guest today on STATIONERY LOVE is  book blogger JB from Brook Cottage Books


Oh no not another notebook!

Along with my addiction to all things bookish it seems that there is another element to my literary addiction – a stationery fetish! The two seemed intrinsically linked in some way. Is it the feel and smell of paper? Or the love of pretty things? I just don’t know. By nature, I am a list maker. I need to be organised. Well, at least I try to be. Notebooks are like a security blanket. They always have the valuable information or my to-do lists at hand.

Sadly, I even get excited when I know there’s been a stationery delivery in work and sneak off to the stationery cupboard to see what I can pillage! My desire to have a notebook overtakes all rational thought and I’m like a kid in a sweet shop! Someone stop me! I just love pretty notebooks. I can’t help myself. However, work don’t buy the pretty sort so when I’m in work and feeling the need for another notebook I simply have to make do with plain old boring ones! Here’s a list of some of my favourite notebooks at home. I have too many to share but I hope you enjoy this selection.

photo (7)

I love this little notebook with the red hearts and the little title at the bottom. My children bought it for me for mother’s day and I carry it in my work handbag to write down important phone messages.

photo (11)

This is a gorgeous notebook with handmade paper inside. I bought it for myself when I went away for a spa weekend with my best friend when she was heavily pregnant with my god son. It was the year she turned 30 and the year I turned 40! I bought her an identical one that she used to write down baby feeding times etc. and all her important baby notes. I wanted her to have something nice to store all this valuable information in.

photo (12)

I bought this lovely hard backed book for myself from ebay! It was love at first sight. I haven’t used it yet and am debating whether I should use it as a journal or to write poetry in.

photo (9)

This fab little pink leather notebook was bought for me by my son. The pages are made from handmade paper. I love to experiment with cooking and baking so I use this book to write down the recipes that have been successful! There’s not too many in there at the moment as I’m pretty awful in the kitchen!

photo (10)

These two pretty notebooks are my blog notebooks. The one with the yellow flowers holds my review lists and notes about the books I am reviewing. The other one is my blog ideas notebook. I jot down the million ideas that pop into my head so that I don’t forget them.

photo (8)

I bought this lovely lady on a Christmas shopping trip with my girlfriends from Waterstones. I use it to jot down writing ideas. Things such as ideas for short stories or poems.

So, there you have it! My love of stationery! Notebooks are just a small part of it. Don’t even get me started on my diaries! That’s a whole different post!

Thanks for letting me showcase some of your journals/notebooks JB.  A gorgeous collection there.  The lovely lady at the end is a Paperblanks journal (see, I even recognise the style haha) and is from Laurel Burch Spirit of Womankind and known as ‘Woman’s Spirit Blossoming’.  How gorgeous is that?  You can find her on the Paperblanks website.

Do blog readers have their favourite ‘brand’ of notebooks?  What makes you choose one – is it chosen for the purpose or for the cover?

JB says:

I am JB Johnston and I am a bookaholic! I have always had an addiction to books and once I began to review books that addiction spiralled out of control. JB Johnston is the name I write under and I like having a little bit of anonymity. I hope someday to find some talent and write something half decent myself. Until that time comes, I work full-time as a social worker and indulge my love of books by reviewing them. Family life is hectic. I am very happily married for the second time and we have 4 children between us. One of my children has special needs and that can be a challenge at times. Books offer me an escape when life sometimes gets a bit much!

I was initially reviewing books on my personal blog but soon realised that due to the amount of books I was reading and 1332870056089the demand for reviews, I would need a dedicated book blog. Thus, Brook Cottage Books was born. The blog is evolving in ways I had not imagined. Although only launched on 1st December 2012 the blog appears to have become quite popular with daily requests for reviews, author interviews and book tours. I have so many new ideas for the blog and just can’t wait to get started on them. The new blog has become so busy it has its own diary now as I need to keep on top of all the requests I get. I am really loving it and I am at my happiest when I am doing bookish things.

I am a reviewer for and an associate reader for I have also reviewed a number of times on . I support Plum Tree Books and have contributed to two of their anthologies – The Butterfly Effect and Every Child is Entitled to Innocence, which can be bought from to raise funds for Child Helpline International. I am also a Tots100 book blogger.

My plan for the future is to give up social work and find a book related career. I have recently started doing some work for Safkhet publishing and have just been given my first editing project by them. I am hoping to offer a proofreading and editing service through the blog and would like to make this my main income. Who knows what the future holds but I will keep dreaming of a new career.  Anyone want to give me a job?

photo (4)


17 thoughts on “Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Brook Cottage Books

  1. Oh so many lovely notebooks, I can’t even pick a favourite because they’re all beautiful 🙂

  2. You have a wonderful collection of notebooks. Thanks for letting us all have a peek. Love this post : )

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