Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Shalini Boland


My guest today on STATIONERY LOVE is Shalini Boland.


Notebooks and Netbooks

I write the majority of my novels on a lovely little Samsung Netbook.  However, I’m also a self-confessed stationery junkie and adore scribbling ideas and plot lines onto paper.  I just can’t bring myself to use crappy writing pads, despite the fact my handwriting is not the best (think spiders splatted on a wall).  So, I have myself a gorgeous stash of notebooks.

If ever I’m out and about and spot a delectable display of stationery, I’ll home in on it like a vampire after blood. My all-time favourite journals are made by a company called Paperblanks.


The covers are tactile works of art and the paper itself is thick and creamy. I guess the idea is that if I write on quality, I’ll produce quality. Hope so anyway!

Thanks for taking part Shalini.  Blog readers, do you have a stash of any stationery?  Are you a hoarder?

Shalini says:
Books and music are my passion and I’ve always been a writer in some shape or form. Before children, I was signed to Universal Music as a singer/songwriter. I collaborated with some amazing musicians and was lucky enough to sing with Basement Jaxx on their album Rooty and live on stage. But that all seems like several lifetimes ago. Now I combine motherhood with writing fiction. I write the kinds of books I love to read – gripping adventures with a spattering of supernatural and a sprinkling of romance.

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17 thoughts on “Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Shalini Boland

  1. I think I’ve got notebook envy now – those are beautiful. I so agree that you can’t be expected to write quality prose on rubbish notepaper: your notebooks however, look very extravagant!

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