Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Marie Godley


My guest today on STATIONERY LOVE is Marie Godley.


Like a lot of writers, I still prefer to write using pen and paper first before typing my work up. I find the feeling of the pen in my hand comforting, except when it’s been a long writing session then I’m likely to have cramp.

 When I started writing I used any old pad or exercise book, these have since been relegated to an ideas book because they are no longer big enough.

My daughter did pick me up some yellow notepads from the Roald Dahl museum, but I used them all up long ago.

Being a writer is handy for relatives stuck for an idea for a Christmas or birthday gift. I have received some lovely books to use in this way.

27112012_001Like most writers I also carry a notebook around in my handbag. This obviously is smaller and I’m always on the lookout for a suitable one, preferably with a pen included.

My main problem is that I see so many lovely books I would like, usually on craft stalls or in independent shops. These satin covered or dragon/cross covered books make my heart sing but are usually destined for other people whilst I secretly covet them, but I cannot think of a legitimate excuse to buy them for myself.

Of slightly more importance than the paper is the pen. I like it to glide effortlessly (well if the words are flowing) across the paper. I used to use a parker pen (another gift) but after numerous refills I have taken to using any that are comfortable. Until I discovered a legitimate way to buy more pens. Charity pens, now who could complain about me spending money on more writing utensils when I’m helping out a charity at the same time?

These two are my latest – Donkey sanctuary and a Royal British Legion. pens

Well now I’ve confessed to spending money I’d better put them to good use and whatever you use to write with, I wish you happy times and I hope the words flow.


*UPDATE* Look what Marie had for Christmas 🙂


Thank you for taking part Marie! Can any blog readers recommend small notebook with pen suppliers to Marie?  You’re welcome to leave ideas/links in the comments.

Marie Godley lives in Christchurch, Dorset with her family and when not writing, can usually be found walking along the beach or in the New Forest. She has published a Christmas book and a first chapter fantasy book for young children. Her third book Time Slide, published in 2010, is a time travelling adventure set in China for 6+. Marie had a YA short story accepted by Red Telephone Books for publication on their blog –   and she is currently working on a YA novel.

 For more information please visit her website. Marie also Tweets.


5 thoughts on “Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Marie Godley

  1. I love your notebooks but NEED the one on the lower right! I have some fab notebooks with pens attached from Harrods, they’re quite reasonable & lovely quality. And have Westies on…always a bonus. And for the record, they were a gift!
    Lovely blog x

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