Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Chris Rogers


My guest on STATIONERY LOVE today is Chris Rogers.


One of the greatest pleasures in life is being able to curl up with a really good book; they allow you time to escape into a world of your own that television pales in comparison to. Times have changed and we can now read those magical words on the printed page, an e-reader, tablet computer or computer screen. If you’re like me your love of reading also extends into the realm of writing. It could be you like to write short stories, poems, blogs or even getting that novel we all have inside onto the page.

Most of us will now use a computer and a word processing application that allows us to get the words out. They are easy to use, you can make corrections easily and they allow you to send your work all over the world in seconds through email. But, if you’re like me then you’ll have a secret passion for stationary that every so often needs to be satisfied. So what is it about stationary that makes a good pen and a nice piece of paper so enticing?

For me, there is something magical and romantic sitting with a journal and fountain pen and just letting the words flow on to the page. It takes me back to my school days sitting at a desk and diligently practicing my writing skills and letters. Some of my best writing has been done by hand.

I think choosing the right stationary for a project also adds to the fun and ritual of writing. I often like to stop off a local branch of The Works and have a browse through the collection of notepads, paper and pens they have on offer. A lot of it is pretty standard but you can sometimes pick up some real gems. I found a really unusual notebook that was handmade with rough paper and the cover was bound with reeds and dried leaves and a twig spine. I loved it so much that I use this to write special prayers or dedications that come to me on my pagan path.

The act of writing for me also allows me to connect with the magic of writing. I love technology and am using Apple’s Pages to write this blog; but it’s very impersonal. You can’t really connect with the words through a keyboard and LCD screen. When you write with a pen and paper you’re physically touching the words, connecting with the medium. I think this experience allows some of your best work to flow.

There’s also the ease and convenience; how many times have you been sat at work, or in a coffee shop and a flash of inspiration or the seed of an idea falls into your head? Nothing can beat having a notebook to hand to scribble your ideas down ready to explore later on when you have time.

You may read this and think I’m crazy, but for me this is what gets me excited about writing and has kept me coming back to it as something pleasurable all of my life.

My favourite purchase?

I guess I can’t end a blog on stationary without telling you what my favourite purchase has been. Last year I was looking for something really special as a magical journal for my study of Wicca and Paganism. I wanted something handmade and completely natural to compliment the spirit of my path. After a long time searching I came across a seller on eBay called Earthworks Journals who makes handmade, leather bound journals to order.

After placing the order the seller contacted me and let me know that because they are carefully crafted it could take up to a month to receive my journal. She was quite apologetic but I quickly responded and told her that I completely understand; you can’t rush quality.

A month later a parcel arrived and inside was a beautiful leather bound journal with a pentagram etched into the leather and reams of hand made paper. It was perfect.  To this day though I haven’t written in it because for me it’s so perfect. I’m just waiting for the right words to come to me to christen the pages and start my journal. I’m looking forward to the day that happens; it will be truly magical.

chris rogers Leather-Journal


So, thank you dear reader for indulging me in my love of stationary. I hope it inspires you to head out and create some magic of your own.

Thanks for taking part Chris.  It’s those handmade journals that have a purpose for special words that tend to get put away.  Blog readers, have you found a craftsperson that you can recommend?

Chris and I have known each other for many years now via the pagan community.

Chris says:

I’m a Pagan living in the heart of Sherwood Forest with a huge love of books, nature and gadgets. A huge fan of the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre.

My favourite gadget is my Kindle, the perfect blend of gadgety goodness with my love of books and reading. I’ve always got two or three books on the go so this device works wonders for storage space in the house and the world’s forests.

I work in the web industry writing digital content, with a good dose of online marketing and SEO.

Love to write for fun, but just don’t seem to get the time these days.


17 thoughts on “Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Chris Rogers

  1. It’s gorgeous, absolutely beautiful. I love your article but I have to say, personally, I have done a dramatic turnaround. For me, it’s all keyboard and computer screens now. I have personalized my screen and I always write in blue (weird, but works for me) but the whole handwriting thing just isn’t fast enough for me anymore. But I love your thoughts, thanks for sharing and very nice to meet you. x

    • Hi Nicky, thanks for the lovely comments. I agree, for a lot of stuff you can’t write fast enough so a word processor is ideal. But sometimes you can’t beat pen and paper. Interest you write in blue, is this on a white background of black brackground?

      Well, I’m glad you enjoyed my article. It’s funny, reading it back now I can see so many ways I’d re-word it and do it again. x

      • Isn’t that always the way? I write in blue on a white background. It’s a sort of dark navy blue. Maybe it’s a carry over from my school days, when we had to write in blue ink? XX

    • I must admit I love to write in pen and ink too. I have a fountain pen and a Pentel liquid gel pen sat next to me here at home. At school I only use the pens from the stock cupboard = functional. I type all my book reviews but poetry gets handwritten.

      Thanks for stopping by today Nicky x

  2. I love writing in pen and ink! I have a fountain pen with a turquoisey coloured cartridge – love it! I’ve recently started writing in all my beautiful journals; my words are precious and I think they deserve to be in a nice place!! : )

    • Wooohooo – I agree Amanda. Everyone’s words are precious and they DO deserve the best resting place 🙂 Just takes a bit of convincing … lol

  3. What a lovely journal, I can see why it took a while to make! I also can’t write in anything beautiful, I wouldn’t want to ruin it 🙂 Another fab stationary post Shaz x

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