Jera’s Jamboree : Guest Author Shalini Boland

Today I’m welcoming Shalini Boland to Jera’s Jamboree.


First of all, I’d like to say thanks to Shaz for letting me gate-crash her beautiful blog with my ramblings. Second of all, I’m going to talk about my current obsession – Post-Apocalyptic Fiction.

I’ve always been quite an eclectic kind of reader. Never sticking to one genre and devouring just about anything and everything from romance to thrillers to supernatural to contemporary fiction. But I do have phases. There was my ‘pony’ phase when I was ten – anything with a gymkhana and a fanciable stable boy and I was hooked. Later, came my Anne Rice phase – vampires and witches in the Deep South.  I still dip in and out of her series. But right now, I’m head-over-heels in love with dystopia and the apocalypse.

The British TV series The Last Train got me hooked on Near Future fiction. It came out at the end of the nineties and after watching it, I trawled around looking for more movies and books to satisfy my craving, but alas, pickings were very thin. A few years later, I decided to write my own – The Outside Series. I’m happy to say that since then the genre has been flourishing.


Here are a few of my personal faves:

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is set in a dystopian society where children from different ‘districts’ fight to the death in an arena. Sounds brutal and it is, but it’s written for teens, so isn’t quite as bloodthirsty as it sounds. Fast-paced action with a hint of romance.

Survivors, a British TV series about a small group who survive a flu pandemic. I loved the gritty realism of it, the ‘what-would-you-do-in-this-situation?’ scenario.

The Passage by Justin Cronin: Vampires + Dystopia = what’s not to love? This is a rich and highly detailed novel set before and after the end of society as we know it.

The Blemished by Sarah Dalton. I recently discovered this indie writer and found an unputdownable story about a dystopian society where people are genetically modified to be beautiful. Everyone else is ‘blemished’. We follow Mina’s story as a ‘blem’ where Dalton skilfully combines action, romance and drama.

The Walking Dead is hands-down my favourite of the genre. Based on the graphic novel, it’s a TV series about a zombie apocalypse. The characters are brilliant, the setting is terrifying and the tension is so ramped up that I feel like I’ve run a marathon after each episode. I do watch most of it from behind a cushion, but the bits I get to see are fantastic.

I am Legend by Richard Matheson is a fabulously scary end-of-the-world novel. I was excited when the movie came out, but really annoyed when they gave it the obligatory Hollywood ending.

Divergent by Veronica Roth. This first book in the series was very enjoyable. It’s about a dystopian society where people are split into factions according to their personalities. The story follows Tris as she comes of age and must choose where she belongs.

There are plenty more in my ‘to-be-read/watched’ pile and I think this phase in my life is set to last for a good while longer. I do, however,  tend to alternate each novel with a more contemporary read, otherwise I can end up confusing my ‘factions’ with my ‘districts’ which is not a good idea.

Thanks for sharing with us today Shalini.

Do blog readers have any recommendations for Shalini?

About the Author:

Books and music are Shalini Boland’s passion and she’s always been a writer in some shape or form. Before children, she was signed to Universal Music as a singer/songwriter. She collaborated with some amazing musicians and was lucky enough to sing with Basement Jaxx on their album Rooty and live on stage.

Now she combines motherhood with writing fiction. She writes the kinds of books she love to read – gripping adventures with a spattering of supernatural and a sprinkling of romance.

Shalini has written the following YA novels:

HIDDEN (Marchwood Vampire Series, Book 1)

THICKER THAN BLOOD (Marchwood Vampire Series, Book 2)
OUTSIDE – a post-apocalyptic novel (Outside Series, Book 1)

Coming soon:
Book 2 in the Outside Series THE CLEARING
Book 3 in the Marchwood Vampire Series

Find Shalini Boland:

 On Facebook

On Twitter
On Goodreads

The Clearing (The Outside Series Book Two) is touring with Fiction Addiciton Book Tours


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Author Links:

The  Clearing (Outside Series #2)

Amazon US

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13 thoughts on “Jera’s Jamboree : Guest Author Shalini Boland

  1. I really enjoyed Outside – much to my surprise, actually, as it’s not a genre I thought I’d click with (just goes to show what a great job you did, Shalini!) So I’m looking forward to reading The Clearing, and the next in the Marchwood Vampire series.

    The Hunger Games trilogy and Divergent are both on my towering TBR pile… don’t touch it please, it might start a landslide! I did read I Am Legend but didn’t see the movie; it sounds like that was the best option!

    I think that the more I write, the more picky I am becoming about what I’ll read. After all, if it comes to it, I can write my own reading material now! So I guess that anyone who can write books that I still enjoy must be doing a lot right (nudge nudge, Shalini!) Have a great tour! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Joanna! Really happy you enjoyed it. Yes, the movie ending to I am Legend was a total cop out. But the rest of it was pretty enjoyable. I’m with you there on the tbr pile. Before I started writing I was always running out of books to read, but now there’s never enough time!

    • Nicky, as well as recommending Shalini’s writing I have to say absolutely love The Forsaken by Lisa M Stasse.

      If you do read any from this genre, would love to know your opinion!

      Thanks for stopping by today x

  2. Great post Shalini. I’d add John Wyndham’s The Crysalids to the list. I thought the film of I am Legend was brilliant (mainly because Will Smith managed to carry the first 30 minutes all by himself).

    • Thanks Rhoda. I haven’t read The Chrysalids but I always meant to. Maybe I should bump it up to the top of my tbr pile. I did really enjoy watching I am Legend – it was just the movie ending I objected to as it changed the whole meaning of the title!

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