Jera’s Jamboree : Book News ~ Summer of ’76 by @IsabelAshdown

I’ve been fortunate enough to have read Isabel Ashdown’s two previous novels,

Glasshopper and Hurry Up and Wait which I loved.

The Summer of ’76 is Isabel’s forthcoming novel will be released with Myriad Editions UK, July 2013.

I’m really looking forward to reading this!

‘In this intense novel of secrets and simmering passions the acclaimed author of Glasshopper and Hurry Up and Wait takes us back to the legendary heatwave of 1976.’

summerof76It’s the start of one of the hottest summers on record with soaring temperatures and weeks without rain; the summer of Abba, T-Rex, David Bowie and Demis Roussos; of Martinis, cheesecake and chicken chasseur; of the Montreal Olympics and the Notting Hill riots – the summer Big Ben stopped dead.

Luke Wolff is about to turn eighteen and is all set to enjoy his last few months at home on the Isle of Wight before leaving for college. Life is looking good; his job at a holiday camp promises new friendships, even the possibility of romance, and his parents are too preoccupied with their own lives to worry much about their son’s growing independence.

But with windows and doors constantly open and life increasingly lived outside, secrets become hard to hide. As Luke listens in, his parents’ seemingly ordered lives come unstuck. Soon the community is gripped by scandal, and everything Luke thought he knew about family and trust is turned on its head.

With her fine eye for the drama of everyday life, Isabel Ashdown perceptively unravels the complexity of her characters’ lives – and reveals what really lies beneath the deceptively smooth surface.

The cover, for me, tells a story all of its own.  Of lazy summer days with the responsibilities of life yet to embed themselves … hope and optimism and a belief that you know where you’re going and that life will always be this way 🙂

What do you think?

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6 thoughts on “Jera’s Jamboree : Book News ~ Summer of ’76 by @IsabelAshdown

  1. I’m rearing my head from a twitter retreat to say hello … How lovely to be sneak previewed over here on Jera’s Jamboree – thank you! I’m so pleased you like the cover Sharon – and big thanks to all of you who retweeted @shazjera’s book news about Summer of ’76 – how generous you all are. Remember my ‘1980s Hall of Fame & Shame’ for Hurry Up and Wait? Well I’ll be doing something similar for this one, along the lines of ‘Memories of ’76’, which I’m sure will draw a few dodgy photographs and funny stories out into the open … I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again Sharon, and speak/tweet soon! 🙂

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