Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Linn B Halton


My guest today on STATIONERY LOVE is Linn B Halton.


linnbhalton1Stationery? Just say Bond, Basildon Bond! I’m a girl who always loved stationery and as a child had lots of little notebooks into which I constantly scribbled.

Seriously, I love the watermark and the feel of the sheets. Even the envelopes are lovely to hold in your hand. But how often do I write a letter these days? Seldom, I’m afraid.

When I think stationery nowadays it’s A4 copying paper for the printer or leaflets, card and bookmarks promoting my books. I still find that quite exciting though – I love the shiny, silky finishes!

linnbhalton2The one item I couldn’t live without is my journal. A friend gave it to me as a present and I transferred all my ideas for future novels into it. Up to that point I had scraps of paper in a shoe box – it was a very posh shoe box I hasten to add! It came lovingly wrapped around a very expensive pair of evening shoes. The fact that over twenty-years’ worth of ideas are all neatly written into this beautiful, silk covered and beaded book, means so much to me. So it’s not that I’ve lost my love for beautiful stationery, only that there’s less opportunity to use it.

These days I tend to send fewer cards, but as you can see I love handmade cards, even if I didn’t make them myself! Here are some I have ready to send:
But most cards I send tend to be what used to be called ‘notelets’ (I have some pretty lemon coloured ones) or Christmas cards with money in them! I tend not to send many Christmas cards now and donate to charity instead.




The electronic age has made snail mail too slow. We expect everything to happen instantly – so who can wait for the post? And as for scribbling in precious little notebooks? Well, I now have spreadsheets and word docs I’m afraid. But my writing ‘journal’ will always be one of my favourite possessions. It reminds me being a child and dreaming that someday I’d write books. I often give stationery as presents to young children. I also keep these little treats in a drawer and when young visitors pop in I pull out a pack of coloured pens and a little notebook… it ALWAYS gets me a huge smile!

Thank you for taking part today Linn.  I love it that you give stationery as presents to young children.  I’ve carried the tradition down to my own boys of the joy in owning their own stationery (although they also use technology today rather than pen and paper).  What do blog readers think?

Linn B Halton lives in the UK, in the small Gloucestershire village of Arlingham, on the banks of the River Severn with her adorable husband and cat with attitude – Mr. Tiggs! She writes romantic fiction with a psychic or astrological theme and many of the paranormal events that feature in her books are real life experiences.

Linn is also a featured new Author on and Editor of the feature Author & Associate Catch-Ups and Publisher Interviews/News on the website’s magazine-style blog.

Linn writes mainly contemporary women’s romance, often with a psychic or astrological theme – life, love and beyond … but it’s ALWAYS about the romance…

Linn is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association.

Website author

RNA page
Signed by:
Twitter: @LinnBHalton Facebook:Linn B Halton

Today Linn is launching Never Alone.  Congratulations!


Life is all about the choices we make…

Holly is the envy of all her friends; she has lived with the gorgeous Will for five years. She supported him whilst his IT company grew and a life split between homes in the UK and Los Angeles beckons, offering them a glamorous and exciting lifestyle.

A series of terrifying encounters unleashes an inherited psychic sensitivity within Holly and she begins to wonder whether the path she’s on is the one she’s destined to take. The thought of hurting the people she loves the most causes her to bury her emotions, until fate takes a hand. Suddenly her perfect life begins to unravel…

“It’s a gift to be shown something that allows you to make a difference and alter the outcome of someone else’s life. However, the weight of the responsibility that goes along with that is huge and what about the ethics? The thing I have to ask myself is how did my actions change the future?” Holly Elizabeth Atherton

To find out more about the launch please visit:


Fiction Addiction Book Tours


24 thoughts on “Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Linn B Halton

  1. Waves from Arlingham Shaz! Love this feature, strange how people who love books tend to be hooked on stationery too… Sad but true fact – when I was about 5 years old top of my Christmas ‘I want…’ list was a real school register. My Mum went to great lengths to get one for me. I had a desk, chair and stationery – but the jewel in the crown was my register. I made it up with a fictitious class of student names and ticked them off each day! Was I a teacher when I grew up? No, an accountant … but there began my obsession with all things paper. Thanks so much for including me in your wonderful feature. And I have the best Book Tour peeps behind me – Fiction Addiction Book Tours for my launch – oh, that’s YOU!!!

    • Thank you! We used to play schools in my neighbours shed and of course it wasn’t complete without a register 🙂 Am I working in a school? YEP haha

  2. Lovely feature and wishing Linn every success with her new book – it’s a great read and one I thoroughly enjoyed. I too have a stationery fetish and need to be dragged away from stationery shops and catalogues as much as jewellery stores. I was in heaven when I controlled the stationery cabinet at work. How mental is that?

  3. Love the notebook, Linn, it’s so pretty! I like the idea of notebooks but I can’t seem to get organized into a single one so I have loads on the go, LOL. Great feature and happy launch day!! #neveralone ~ can’t wait to read it.

  4. I love the idea of giving stationery gifts to children! My boys always get sketch pads, crayons, pens, notebooks and paper for Christmas! Oh, and A4 ring binders, they like those too?! I think it’s great! And I adore your journal! x

    • OMG how could we forget the ringbinders? There are so many pretty designs out there (not for your boys of course, I’m thinking very selfishly here! Thanks for commenting Donna x

  5. Feeling a bit drab here! Most of my ideas are jotted on post-it notes. BUT I do have orange paper to print my first drafts on. And yellow, and green, and … pale blue! No, I’ve no idea why. I just have drawers full of the stuff. It’s pretty though! Good luck with the lovingly wrapped NEVER ALONE, Linn! 🙂 xx

  6. Loved reading your piece Linn,I too had a register made out of an old school jotter. I also had all these payement cards and things that came when someone ran a catalogue all in a plastic folder. Also that carbon paper to duplicate things! Love your journal it’s gorgeous.

  7. I wonder how many of us ‘stationery’ lovers ended up going into an office environment? When I was working I always kept a paper trail in addition to having everything online… it was my safety net! Wish I’d had those payment cards.. would have love playing with that! And moleskin – luxurious Harvey. Something incredible decadent about that!

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