Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Sarah Tranter


My first guest on STATIONERY LOVE is Sarah Tranter.  Sarah is sharing with us a different perception of Stationery Love.


I adore beautiful journals and bound notebooks and would love to surround myself with them.

lust 2

It’s just I don’t have any. I see them. Lust after them. But for practical reasons, my stationary has to be cheap. I tend to resort to a value pack of something like Sainsbury’s Wiro Notebooks (I’m saying those because there is one on the kitchen table now). I normally buy them, or their like, bulk when they are on sale. I think this batch was something like £2 for six LOL. To be honest, the beautiful versions would be wasted on me anyway (and yes, I am comforting myself). I go through them so quickly and what I fill them with is a complete mess. I’m generally scribbling something down before I forget it (I always have one in my handbag) and find they also accommodate my ‘to do’ lists and even end up being used for the kids’ spellings. I have bought gorgeous journals before, but as presents.

lust 1

I’ve had to stroke them lovingly and send them on their way, reminding myself all the time, that they deserve far more longevity than I can offer them ― and to be filled with something far more beautiful than my frantic scribbles.

Thank you Sarah.  I’m actually feeling quite sorry for you now … blog readers, what do you think? 

Sarah Tranter’s debut novel, ‘No Such Thing as Immortality’ is released TODAY (published by Choc Lit). A former constituency researcher for a Labour MP, a political lobbyist and a London PR, she now lives in Wiltshire with her husband and two boys.

Amazon link: Author page

Amazon No Such Thing As Immortality listing

Twitter: @sarah_tranter

Facebook: sarah.tranter.73



Choc Lit:


31 thoughts on “Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love with Sarah Tranter

  1. I absolutely get that and I’m the same. I buy cheap. The big A4 sized pads and don’t think I could give what one of those beautiful notebooks deserve. The two pictured were really beautiful though. I’d love to be as to use ones like that.

  2. Someone please buy Sarah a lovely journal all to herself. Seriously Sarah buy a beautiful one and take it out and stroke it from time to time it will make you feel good. You don’t have to write in it.

  3. LOL.Firstly – thank you, Shaz! This is such a great feature – honoured to be included.
    Re the comments – thank you guys! I’m feeling sorry for me reading this now, too! To be honest, I started feeling sorry for myself when I discovered those gorgeous journals in the pictures. No fears – intend to buy myself one – you are right. Stroking it would be good for the soul 🙂 X

  4. Whooop! Happy Launch Day, Sarah! I think you definitely deserve a fabulous new notebook all to yourself. Have a great day, and I really enjoyed this feature. xxx

  5. Oh, now I hurt! That’s willpower, Sarah, seeing them and then letting them stay on the store shelf without taking them home. I’m not sure I’m strong enough. I have a number of pretty journals and notebooks (that I’ve been given, to be fair) and they are all unused. They are lovely to ogle. 😉

  6. Oh my goodness! All I can say is that if I ever were to become a published author, I think my notebooks would have to be monogrammed!! My problem is that I love all notebooks – even the value ones. Happy launch Day. Love this feature : ))

  7. Wow! Those journals are premier league 🙂 Great feature, Shaz. And Happy Publication Day, Sarah! xx

  8. Yum! I’m so glad they have another use – for stroking. I am constantly trying to find something to write in the many little hardback notebooks I have accumulated over the years, but to no avail. I find I have absolutely nothing to write unless I am in front of a computer. Love your new feature and I look forward to more 🙂

  9. Donna, Anne, Suzie and I were having a chat about beautiful notebooks and how Donna and Anne hate writing in them! Everyone has to have one beautiful book even it is just to stroke, lol! I have double dared Anne to write in hers this year!

    Kate 🙂

    • I’ve done exactly that – I’m actually writing a to do list in one! Feels good (even though I know it will be recycled afterwards lol). So … your dare is a good one Kate. Thanks for commenting.

  10. Sharon – thanks for starting such a fab series, I love stationery!

    The brown book in the second pic looks glorious and also strangely appetizing; perhaps because it’s chocolate coloured?

    Sarah – please, please, please treat yourself to at least ONE beautiful notebook. Oh, and Happy Launch Day for Monday. As you know, I bought No Such Thing as Immortality on Kindle and gave it a 4 star review! Loved it! Good luck with the sales…
    Nikki x

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