Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love


Welcome to my new blog feature!

The one thing you can guarantee that authors and readers have in common is a shared love of STATIONERY.  Often, you’ll see us all commenting on each other’s Facebook status’ or sharing a fab product on Twitter… and because I’ve seen some amazing products that wouldn’t have crossed my radar, I thought I would love to be able to showcase our obsession and so STATIONERY LOVE was born.

Despite modern technology, you’ll find collections of all sorts of journals, pens, sticky notes and more in our homes.  Join me each week as my guest shares their STATIONERY LOVE.

Find out what makes a purchase absolutely necessary (despite the hoard already owned), the best places to buy to satisfy this obsession and join in with your own comments.

You are not alone!

To start us off, I’m going to be sharing with you my own stationery love.

I’ve always loved stationery, going back to my earliest memory of sitting on the dentist floor as a tot while my mum was having some major work.  Hours of fun could be had with just the basic crayon and scrap piece of paper.  Oh the enjoyment!

Of course as I got older my ‘tools’ became more sophisticated but the fact still remained that although the act of creating itself brought me joy, the tools I had to work with gave me equal, if not greater pleasure (I sometimes wonder if this is why I was drawn to working in an office in my earlier career!  A valid reason to be stocking up on all those wonderful products).


One of my stationery cupboards which has everything  I might ever need!

Each birthday and Christmas I would be guaranteed that Parker pen from my parents along with a host of other items which may be small in size but in my eyes huge in the enjoyment factor.  To go to town with my big sister on a weekend and come back with a novelty eraser was all that was needed to provide simple pleasure.  Of course, my love has remained and now friends also buy me journals (which never get written in) and pens.


A selection from my bottom drawer …  did I mention I love packaging too (note the bag on the right!)

I must admit that for school I have bought a Pukka pad and A4 journal … but my to do lists fill exercise books that have been part used.  Only special things get written into my journal!


My coffee table at home – 2012 diary/2013 diary, note pad and journal for writing review notes

Where do I buy journals/notebooks for myself? For the cheaper end of the market, supermarkets are good value from a spiral bound jotter to a hardbacked notebook (and all the different pens).  The butterfly notebook on my coffee table came from my local G & T’s and great value at £1.39 – 200 pages and hardback.  I’ve used this since August for review notes and I’m still using it.  I love Paperblanks journals (a selection at WHSmith can be found here) and for the special stationery gift, try Pen Heaven of London.

Of course there are lots more places to buy from but I’ll let my guests each week share their finds with you!


As well as blogging at Jera’s Jamboree you can also find me co-ordinating virtual book tours at Fiction Addiction Book Tours.  I am also a Featured Editor with with my Shaz’ Stars feature. Stay in touch with me through Jera’s Jamboree Facebook page, Twitter and Pinterest.

Please feel free to comment on all STATIONERY LOVE feature posts and if you’ve got something to share, get in touch to take part!

My guest next week is Sarah Tranter who has a different approach to her STATIONERY LOVE.  Look forward to seeing you.


14 thoughts on “Jera’s Jamboree : Stationery Love

  1. I love this feature! Your notebooks are so pretty, I can see myself going out trying to find all the bits and pieces I’ve seen on here each week 🙂

  2. Ooh, I love this idea. I’m a bit of a staionery addict. I do nearly all my writing on my laptop though, so I never really get to use any of the pretty notebooks that I buy! I spend a fortune on pretty wrapping paper and ribbons and things. Great idea Shaz. I will be following with interest!

  3. This is a lovely new feature Shaz and evidently one that will strike a chord with many! Stationery is so lovely and I like having a pretty notebook to hand, plus a few spare as well! 😉 I must write up a post on this, I did start drafting one but never took photos etc. It will be lovely to see what everyone has!

    • Thank you Lins. I’ve had some lovely exchanges on Twitter that have been prompted by the post. I think reading and writing go hand in hand with addiction. Oh not any addiction but the stationery kind of course 🙂

  4. Totally agree there Shaz – reading and writing do go together. It’s a love of paper, texture, printed words – the whole thing. Making notes in little books gives a feeling of satisfaction, words strung together … once written down, it means the mind is free to move on to new thoughts … Funny, I now regard my Kindle as an electronic notebook – books I love are filed within. A modern day stationery item! Love this feature!

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