Jera’s Jamboree : Book Signing with local author Shalini Boland

I was excited to be invited via Facebook to local author Shalini Boland’s book signing at The Barn Cafe, Bere Farm.  Having missed her previous book signing at Waterstone’s, this was another chance I was determined NOT to miss!


As soon as we arrived I was enveloped in a hug, no ice-breaking needed 🙂

Shalini was still setting up so Peds and I went off to have a hot drink in the venue.


Of course we talked about books, writing and blogging … but meeting Shalini was much more than that.  I felt very comfortable chatting and we found out that at one point we had almost lived on each other’s doorstep!


Shalini’s book signing was a family affair.  It was great to meet her husband Pete and her sons.  Pete is also an author and his debut novel is being released in January.

All signed - whoop!

All signed – whoop!

I need to make space in one of my bookcases 🙂


The venue, The Barn Cafe, was a very unique experience!


As well as owner Karen chatting to customers and making you feel welcome, the decor is amazing.


Food and beer is from local sources


and surrounding the courtyard in the barns you’ll find vintage and antique French furniture (we found all sorts of interesting things) from Begere Home Interiors.


Not only did I get to meet one of my favourite authors today (who I’ll be having coffee with soon)


 I’ve also found somewhere local that has great energy, where I’ll be sampling local produce and enjoying the company 🙂


You can read my reviews of Shalin’s YA novels here.

Shalini is releasing the second novel in The Outside Series (YA Post-Apocalyptic) in January.  Find out more about Book One on Goodreads


Shalini can be found tweeting, on Facebook or you can catch up with her news on her website.


The Barn Cafe on Facebook


The Barn Cafe website

11 thoughts on “Jera’s Jamboree : Book Signing with local author Shalini Boland

  1. Aw, so glad you shared this, Sharon! I would have loved to have been there and met you both in person, so photos are the next best thing!
    Shalini, I’ve only ever seen photos of you with a fringe – you look very different now!
    I love the idea of a warm, welcoming cafe for a book launch / signing. That’s giving me ideas for our next . . . that you had the family there too was extra-special.
    FAB. 🙂

  2. Hi Shaz, What a fab post! I was so thrilled you came along and that I finally got to meet you!!

    Hi Jo, Nicky and Lindsay *waves*

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