Jera’s Jamboree review : Between Today and Yesterday by Joanna Lambert

Between Today and Yesterday by Joanna Lambert

Format: Kindle Edition

File Size: 710 KB

Print Length: 334 pages

Publisher: Authors OnLine (14 Aug 2012)

Sold by: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.

Language: English


The village of Meridan Cross is in mourning. Laura Kendrick, owner of Little Court Manor, is dead. The family she leaves behind find themselves not only trying to come to terms with their loss but also deal with their own individual problems.
Nick Kendrick is a bitter, resentful head teacher whose career ambitions have not been fulfilled and whose mental state is on a serious downward spiral. Jenny, his patient and understanding wife has become a target for his frustrations. His daughter Charlotte, a bright and clever pupil at his school, has also become a victim of his unpleasant mind games.

Ella, Nick’s sister, beautiful and successful, has a much-envied marriage to ex-rock star turned record producer Matt Benedict. Matt is currently in Spain with partner Baz Young recording an album with Rosetti, their star act. Newspaper reports coming out of Marbella concerning Matt and one of his former protégés are giving Ella serious cause for concern.

Baz Young and the band’s front man Christian Rosetti are unhappy. They should be in New York but Matt switched the venue to Spain without any explanation. Could it be the fact that Marcie Maguire, a woman whose career Matt launched nearly twenty years ago is performing here? And if that is the reason, why? 

When Ella and Jenny find themselves flying out to Spain to help an old acquaintance, they join Matt, Baz and the band in their luxury villa in the hills above Marbella. Reunited with Matt, Ella now hopes she will be able to scotch the rumours and show the world her relationship with her husband is rock solid. But when Jenny receives an urgent call to return home to sort out Nick’s deteriorating mental state, Ella finds herself alone and facing a woman who appears to be not only very firmly back in Matt’s life but also hell bent on destroying their marriage.


Between Today and Yesterday opens with dialogue as band member Todd is talking to fellow band member Baz’ wife, Patti.  They’re attending the RGM Annual Rock and Pop Awards and record producer Matt is there with daughter Lucy while wife Ella is absent lecturing.  “The Attitude” are being inaugurated into the Hall of Fame.

In this first chapter we’re introduced to the character of Lucy – spoilt and ungrateful with no direction in life apart from waiting for her inheritance.  However, we know there is another side to Lucy.  Matt and Lucy are at the train station the next day and Lucy tells her father she would like to take some flowers home to her mother … thoughtful and considerate!  Christian, a musician making his way to Glastonbury is helping out flower stall owner Alf.  It’s through this connection that Christian Rosetti becomes recognised by Matt and becomes his new protégée.

What follows is time spent in London, Spain and the home village of Meridan Cross with plenty of conflict, tension and jealousy engaging the reader.

Music plays a large part with the band in Spain and legendary singer Marcie driving the band apart – and also driving a wedge between Ella and Matt.  Alongside this though is the conflict at home ; local boys Adam and Dominic in Meridan Cross whose escapades cause so much harm; Nick (Ella’s brother) who is Head of Kingston College whose jealousy of Matt and life in general cause grief and sadness; of Lucy manipulating those around her.  There are resolutions and some really heart-warming moments that balance the conflict.

The characters are brilliant.  I found my emotions provoked many times from their actions – whether it was to punch (I should have said strong emotions!), shake some sense into them or shake their hand, be a shoulder to cry on or to cheer in joy.  Lambert knows how to raise those hackles with characters like Adam and Marcie, feel despair at characters like Matt whose honesty and naivety cause him to be blinkered … and feel upbeat with characters like Charlotte who is truly genuine.

Although Between Today and Yesterday is the fourth book in a series, it can be read as a stand-alone.  In July 2011, I read the first in the series, When Tomorrow Comes  (you can read my review here – apologies for the formatting, it was imported from Blogger) . I enjoyed seeing how Ella’s life had developed.

Between Today and Yesterday was less about the romance for me and more about how a person’s perception causes them to act and the affect that has on all those around them.  It is a story of drama in contemporary times.

Buy it and spread the word

I would like to thank the author for providing a PDF version in exchange for an honest review.
Joanna Lambert on Amazon with Kindle prices ranging from £1.75 – £2.58

I blogged for the author’s book launch (synposis and book trailer).  You can read that post here.

You can find out more about the author via her website, which includes links to social networks.


12 thoughts on “Jera’s Jamboree review : Between Today and Yesterday by Joanna Lambert

  1. Awesome! Sounds like just my kind of book. Thanks for the review, Shaz, and congrats to Jo on wowing this reviewer and this here reader; it’s on my TBR!!!

  2. Hi Sharon – an interesting review. I’ve just read ‘When tomorrow comes’ so it’s great to hear about what’s happened to Ella in the meantime! Ali B

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