Want to win the chance to go to Deborah Harkness’ London launch party?

Win a chance to go to Deborah Harkness’ London launch party for SHADOW OF NIGHT on Monday September 10th from 6.30 to 9pm.




The winner plus a friend will receive free tickets to the private drinks reception at a central London bookstore and a chance to chat to Deborah Harkness and receive a free signed hardback. They will also get to meet Deborah’s fellow Hachette authors Ben Aaronovitch, James Treadwell, Suzanne McLeod, Benedict Jacka and Kate Griffin who will also be there to chat and sign their own books.

Winners will have to pay their own travelling costs and overnight stay (if applicable).

For your chance to meet some great authors at this private drinks reception and mingle with free wine and nibbles, just leave a pick me comment below to enter.

The competition is open to UK residents only and will close 16th August at midnight (BST).

Thanks to Headline Publishing Group for providing this amazing competition.

Good luck



46 thoughts on “Want to win the chance to go to Deborah Harkness’ London launch party?

  1. I was so blown away by shadows of the night, I read it in just a week!! The historical value of tudor Britain amongst the love story of Diana and Matthew has inspired me to continue my education in a masters degree next year! I love getting lost in the different worlds of this book and I CANNOT wait for the third installment!!!!

  2. A Discovery Of Witches was THE best book for me last year. I read it in 3 days, which is a personal record. Can’t wait to read the follow up, so yeah, pick me!

  3. Please pick me, massive deb harkness fan, itching to get my hands on shaddow of the night, winning this would be the icing on the cake!x

  4. I believe I have been THE best non-official ambassador of this book! Every person I have recommended it to, has gone on to recommend it to 10 others! The pyramid started here! Pick me!

  5. How do you choose? Tomorrow is my birthday, which I share with Diana, and the Goddess advises you to choose wisely!
    That’s a roundabout way of saying me please X

  6. i would love to be picked,discovery of witches got me back into reading after many years,then shadow of night.iwould feel very privelidged to attend

  7. I’m counting down to book 3. Since we have no idea when that will be, it’s a long count. Have pity on this poor human and invite me?! (And it will make a great end to the medal parade in London!!)

  8. Pick me! I am a twin mum in need of a good drink, adult conversation (not regarding nappies and behavioural therapy for toddlers) and what better way to spend an evening off than with my favourite author……Ibliss x

  9. Please pick me. Not only am I besotted with DoW and SoN, I would meet another of my favourite authors – Ben Aaronovitch. I also need something to look forward to whilst I’m job hunting.

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