Jera’s Jamboree: Guest author Sheryl Browne

Today on Jera’s Jamboree I would like to welcome PC Paul Davis.  Paul is one of the lead characters in Sheryl Browne’s novel, Warrant for Love.

Paperback: 270 pages
Publisher: Safkhet Publishing LLP (1 Aug 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1908208120
ISBN-13: 978-1908208125

Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 819 KB
Print Length: 240 pages
Publisher: Safkhet Soul (24 Jun 2012)
Sold by: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.
Language: English

Leanne Curtis has shared more than her heart and her home with her womanising man. She’s shared her pin number. The scales are peeled painfully from her eyes when she spots female footprints on the inside windscreen of his car. Devastated, Leanne storms off into the night. He wasn’t going to pay her back when he sold his flat, his bolthole, his shag-pad, probably, the absolute…! Shivering on a street corner, Leanne comes up with a survival plan. She’s no choice. If she’s to keep her son in PS3s, Leanne needs a lodger.

Brought up in care, Police Constable Paul Davis doesn’t communicate well. On duty, he’s gloomily contemplating his impending divorce. His wife sleeping with his sergeant is not helping his morose mood. His sergeant has a history, and Paul needs to find somewhere decent to live in order to gain custody of his son, fast. And to keep his job. Wrongfully arresting Leanne Curtis for soliciting, he muses, whilst avoiding five-star-freezer looks from her friends, might not be the best way to do it.

Could fate have brought them together, though? Leanne needs a respectable lodger. Paul needs a home. One thing leads to another, and Paul can’t quite believe his luck. When a blackmail plot ~ cooked up by Leanne’s friends ~ threatens their budding relationship, however, is Paul compelled to uphold the law? Or will he risk everything to make sure Leanne’s abusive ex gets his comeuppance?

Warrant for Love is not your typical rom-com where only one gal gets the guy — Sheryl Browne brings together three couples in a twisting story that resolves perfectly. With a focus on romance with police officers, Warrant for Love appeals to all readers who love our boys in blue. Complex yet everyday relationship problems makes this read appropriate for young adults and older teens.

I was fortunate enough to get Paul to sit on my hot seat recently … Shaz’ Stars with a twist …


Hi Paul. Come on in – and don’t look so nervous, I don’t eat policemen for lunch. I pat the sofa next to me. Sit. Take off your jacket, make yourself comfy and we’ll get straight down to business.

Paul seats himself nervously on the sofa, loosens his tie and glances worriedly at me.

Me: I’m quite into astrology.

I clarify what business I want to get down to, before he makes a bolt for the door.

Paul *relieved*: Ahh. Not psychology then? It’s just, when Leanne said you wanted to do an interview around character traits, I thought it was going to be a psychoanalysis kind of thing, and I, er

Me: …had enough of that when you were in care as child, yes, I know. Well, worry no more. I pat his knee. He looks even more worriedly me at me. It’s not a psychoanalysis session. Although, thinking about it, I suppose we will be interpreting certain behaviours.

Paul *alarmed*: We will?

Me: Relax, it’s painless. Which brings me to my first question: A typical Leo will dislike safety. Do you play by the rules, Paul? Or would you say you like to take risks?

Paul *suspiciously*: Sorry

Me: In relationships, for instance. Are you the sort of person who might feel stifled in a long-term, albeit secure, relationship, do you think? Ergo, tempted to search for a little excitement? 

Paul *a bit panicky now*:  No. Uh-uh, absolutely not. 

Me: So you’d never cheat on a woman.


Paul: No. 

Me: Never?

Paul *gulping*: I, er… Yes.  I did. Once. 

For the record, Paul is now looking extremely uncomfortable. I’m looking at him as if he’s just quoted the oldest cliché in the book.

Me: So, despite having everything you ever craved as a child: a family, a home, you risked it all for…

Paul: A one night stand. Paul stands. I knowI think I should go.

Me: Leo’s also love drama, of course.

I stop him in his tracks. Paul sighs and turns back.

Paul: It was more complicated than that. Much more complicated. Things  were…  Look, if you want the detail, read the book, yes? It was stupid.  Unforgivable.  I hurt my wife, I know I did; as much as it’s possible for a man to hurt a woman, but it was…

Shamefaced, he drops his gaze to the floor. I swallow a little lump in my throat.

Me: Complicated. Yes, I know. I have read the book, Paul. I’m not judging. Come back and sit down. Promise not to stray too far onto personal territory again. Deal?

Paul: Just so you know, what I do have a ‘dislike’ for is counselling. I’m doing this for Leanne

He comes reluctantly back to my counselling couch.

Me: Whom you disregarded your own safety for.

Paul *rakes a hand agitatedly through hair*: Here we go again.

Me: Well, you did. You fought her horrible ex, physically escorted him out of Leanne’s life. And this was after you’d been shot!

Paul: He’s an abusive idiot, with no respect for women.

Me: You fought your Sergeant, too; in honour of Leanne’s reputation and in defence of your ex-wife, as I recall.

Paul: Him too.

Me: Right, next question.  I move swiftly on, as Paul looks even more uncomfortable.

Paul *mumbling*: Accusation, more like.

Me: Tell us a little more about your work. How on earth did you manage to get yourself shot?

Paul *despairingly* I was feeling a bit bored, so I thought, I know what I can do for a bit of a thrill, I’ll go out and get myself…

Me: I’m sorry. I didn’t phrase that very well. What I meant was…

Paul: For your information, I got myself shot while pushing my partner out of line of fire.

Me: Precisely.  From which I think we can surmise you do have a certain disregard for your own safety.

Paul pulls in a terse breath.

Me *hastily*: …preferring to protect others.

Paul *shrugging* Protect and serve is what I do. It’s why I’m a policeman.

Me: Exactly.  And wherever there’s drama, there’s usually a policeman, protecting and serving, and shining in the spotlight, yes?

Paul *less defensively*:  I suppose.

Me: Not accusations, Paul. Just observations.  I offer him a smile. His mouth twitches into a small smile back, thank goodness. Right, onward. Leonine people set themselves high standards. Do you think you do Paul? Set yourself high standards?

Paul: I guess. I like to be as good at my job as I can be. Though I wasn’t very good at it for a while, I admit. My partner almost washed his hands of me. Can’t say I blame him.  I was, er…

Me: Depressed after your divorce.  It is allowed.

Paul: And drinking too much. Not allowed, not when you go on duty the next morning still half-cut.

Me: No.  I pause, sensing this is very sensitive ground.

Paul *composing himself*: I wanted to be the best father I could be.

Me: Knowing what it’s like to have the worst kind?

Paul: Yeah… He rakes his hand through his hair. Failed miserably there, didn’t I? Gave the kid about as stable an environment as I had.

 Me: Lots of couples get divorced, Paul. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad father. I’ve read the book, remember? I know how much you loved your son.  Enough to give up fighting for custody so that he could have the one constant in his life he couldn’t live without: his mother?


Paul nods – and swallows.


Me: Sometimes, Leos set their standards too high, you know.  Not surprisingly, they rarely reach the goals they set themselves. Then again, I try to end on a positive note, as the door squeaks open behind him, you reached your goal where Leanne was concerned, determined to set the record straight and prove you were worth another chance?

Paul *pleased*: I did, didn’t I? I thought she was way out of my league. Uh, oh, he hasn’t noticed Leanne has slipped in. I hope he doesn’t put his foot in it. Far too good to go out with the clumsy copper who arrested her.

Me: For soliciting.

Paul: Ahem… Yes.

Me: And she forgave you??

Paul: Yeah… His mouth curves into a slow smile, and, boy, I can see why Leanne is smitten. She’s a special woman. 

Me: Last question, you’ll be relieved to know. Paul looks hugely relieved.  Leo’s have high aspirations and tend to be idealistic when it comes to romance.  Do you think Leanne will fulfil those…

Paul *adamant*: Absolutely. She confounds me, confuses the hell of out me sometimes… She loves me.

Paul laughs incredulously.  Leanne, meanwhile, is beaming like a Cheshire cat behind him.

She completes me. I couldn’t do it without her. I wouldn’t want to, end of.

Me: Right, well… I think I’ll just, um…  I gather up my notes and make a discreet exit while Leanne all but throws herself over the sofa – intent of fulfilling Paul’s aspirations, I glean.

I hope you enjoyed the interview.  Paul was a very interesting Leo don’t you think?

Warrant for Love is now available on paperback and Kindle from Amazon UK, Amazon, any local bookstore, or direct from Safkhet Publishing.

You can find out more about Sheryl Browne by visiting her website.  You can also connect with her on Facebook  and Twitter.  Sheryl is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and is an Editor and Featured Author with Loveahappyending.


15 thoughts on “Jera’s Jamboree: Guest author Sheryl Browne

  1. Yay! Oooooh, I just fell in love with him all over again *sigh*… Thank you, Sharon for analysing… um, having Paul on Jera’s Jamboree!! Leanne says, can you schedule him in for next week, same time. It’s done wonders for his ego 😉 xx

  2. Oh the tension! A man who’s confounded, confused and in love – I LOVE it. Can’t wait to read it, have it on my Kindle and I know I’m going to have to read it really quickly. You are romcom Queen Sheryl and it’s fab to see you here with the lovely Shaz – she’s amazing!

  3. What a brilliant interview. He can come and arrest me any time! Move over Leanne. Well done to you both, Sheryl and Shaz. Thank you for bringing such an entertaining read.

  4. that makes two of us, Nicky! Just found this when cleaning up… What a find! Really well done – I could actually fall in love with Paul myself was I not in love with someone else already. But there isn’t anything wrong with falling in love with Sheryl’s Paul, is there?

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