Jera’s Jamboree: Guest Author Harvey Black

Having tweeted with Harvey Black for quite a while and then actually meeting him recently at the Loveahappyending‘s A Summer Audience in Tetbury, I’m delighted to welcome Harvey to Jera’s Jamboree.

Harvey Black, Jeremy! and me at Loveahappyendings’s Summer Audience

I have wanted to write a novel since I was a teenager. Enthralled by Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, E.E. Doc Smith’s Lensmen series and Edgar Rice Burroughs, I felt sure my first would be of the SF genre.

Joining the Army changed all of that and my passion now is for Military History.  ‘Devils with Wings’, my first novel,  a military thriller based around the adventures of two young Fallschirmjäger paratroopers during the early part of World War II, is a fictionalised adventure based on the famous glider assault on the impregnable Belgian Fortress, Eben Emael.

Once finished, I knew I would want it published, if only so I had a hard copy and could claim to the world that I was an ‘Author’. But how? On reading various articles, I chose the ‘Self Publishing’ route, providing me with all the options I was looking for; book cover, printing, a website, distribution and some marketing.

Devils with Wings was finally published, so what next? Realising, unless snapped up by a mainstream publisher, becoming a best seller would be pure luck. I would have to promote it myself. Support for authors appears very thin on the ground, but I have since discovered two great organisations that give you the moral support you need to promote yourself, the author, and your novels. “Love a happy ending’, LAHE, and ‘Famous Five Plus’ have given me a platform, as well as greater confidence, from which I can market myself, and my novels, to a much wider audience.

Promoting my novels through book signings has also been a great success and I would like to thank  Waterstones Southampton, Poole, Winchester and the other stores in my county for their support during my book signings, where I have sold an average of 50 copies at each session.

What’s next? Devils with Wings: Silk Drop, set during the famous battle for Crete, has also been published.

My third novel, Devils with Wings: Frozen Sun, set near Leningrad during one of the bitter Russian winters, is due to be published by Silverwood books later this year. There will be ten novels in the Devils with Wings series.

Having three novels in the pipeline has given me the confidence to establish my own Blog, where I can present background material to aid my readers in gaining greater knowledge of the era that my books cover. I recently posted a number of articles about my time working in East Berlin in the 80’s, during the Cold War. This has prompted me to write a ‘Cold War’ series of novels, covering the hypothetical invasion of West Germany in the 1980’s. At the time, it was a case of when, not if, the Warsaw Pact was going to cross the Inner German Border. I experienced Intelligence acquisition at the sharp end. This experience, I hope, will  give my novels a sense of realism. Book 1, of three, ‘The Red Effect’, will be published in 2013.

Photo courtesy of author

What can I say to other potential, aspiring authors out there? Pick up a pen and write!

Thank you for sharing with us Harvey.

You can find out more about Harvey on his website, on his blog (some very interesting articles with photographs), his Loveahappyending author page and on Famous Five Plus.  You can tweet with him and find him on Facebook.

Harvey’s Amazon pages:

Devils With Wings The Green Devils assault on Fort Eben Emael

Devils with Wings: Silk Drop: The Green Devils’ Invasion of Crete


9 thoughts on “Jera’s Jamboree: Guest Author Harvey Black

  1. Fabulous post, thanks, Shaz. Love the picture of you guys with the soldier mannikin (?sp) in the background, very cool. It was lovely to meet you both at the Summer Audience, and what a lot of fantastic work you have done, Harvey. Great, great post, thank you both. x

  2. What a facinating post. I find your subject matter and your knoweldge behind it all really interesting, Harvey. I also think you’ve done a great job on your book covers and I’m sure you new series will be as well received as Devils with Wings. Great to meet you (and Jeremy!) at The Summer Audience in Tetbury!

  3. The detail in your books is awesome Harvey and your photgraphic material reflects research to the nth degree! Lawrence has nearly finished reading Silk Drop and I haven’t heard a peep out of him for ages ….

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