As you know, I decided to become an award free blog when I moved my blog to WordPress.  I have received a couple of awards in June and I’d like to share with you a little more about the people who gave them to me.

Thanks to Joanna Gawn (who is co-author of The Lazuli Portals) for awarding me the ‘sunshine award’.

I first met Jo through a shared interest of healing (recommend you check out her Winter Jasmine Reiki website – lots to browse through and much inspiration) and when I realised she was writing a book … well, excited doesn’t quite cover it.  I was fortunate enough to review The Cordello Quest in December 2011 and am keeping tabs on her WIP for the second in the series Mosaic of Light.  The Lazuli Portals website has lots of information and is often interactive.  Go have a browse 🙂

Thanks to Donna Trinder for awarding me the ‘Inspirational Blogger Award’.

Donna guested recently on my blog, you can check out her post again here.  Feel a bit of a fraud for having this award actually as if anyone is inspirational it is Donna!  Donna is relatively new in starting out on her writing journey.  She’s fab to Twitchat with and is a very thoughtful woman.  She has two blogs.  You can find her blogging on ‘Lost and Found’ and newly created book blog ‘Room for reading’.

Thank you Jo and Donna! x

7 thoughts on “Awards

  1. Oh, you are WONDERFUL, Sharon! Bless you, what a lovely write-up for us. Thank you so much. I’m glad you accepted the Sunshine Award (very well-deserved) even though I know you are ‘Award-Free’. Your blog – and your smile – beam rays of warm sun across the internet, so how could we *not* nominate you?!
    Jo x

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