Blog Tour: Shaz’ Stars special: Quintessential Gemini by Linn B Halton

Shaz’ Stars interviews Katherine Dale – The Quintessential Gemini! plus a giveaway

Welcome to Shaz’s Stars!

Using sun sign astrology I have been interviewing Love a Happy Ending Authors to see how the traits of their sun sign affect their craft.

Today author Linn B Halton asked if I would interview Katherine Dale, who is The Quintessential Gemini.  Of course, I couldn’t resist…..

In the hot seat today I would like to welcome: Katherine Dale

Katherine, thank you for letting us have a peek at what’s been happening for someone who IS ‘The Quintessential Gemini’.

Gemini’s are adaptable and versatile, has that helped in what has been a difficult time for you personally?

Hi Shaz, so lovely to meet you! It has been a tough time since I was made redundant from a job that was my whole life; it shakes your world. Even though my horoscopes had been dropping hints, I supposed I didn’t really want to face up to the facts. Of course I adore astrologer Mark Ainsley-Thomas and should have known better. Similar to you, he too has a reputation for being spot-on with his forecasts. I’m such a typical Gemini in many ways, that’s why Linn B Halton calls me ‘The Quintessential Gemini’ (laugh)! And you are right, I’m usually quite proud to consider myself both adaptable and versatile, but recently I seem to be constantly struggling to find the next step to take me forward.

Ah, that would be one of the negative traits of the sun sign Gemini, an ability to become uncertain of yourself and to withdraw.

I didn’t know that! It could explain a lot of things. I decided to turn my back on accountancy and now I’m writing a book, but perhaps that’s not helping me either as I spend a lot of time on my own. Well, I have my cat No. 4 to keep me company of course. The problem is he’s not used to sharing the house with me during the day and I feel as if I’m invading his territory! Thinking about it though, I think you might be right there – I am getting rather withdrawn.

Gemini’s are usually very sociable and are at their best when they are able to shine in the company of others. Perhaps you need to get out a bit more whilst you are adjusting to your new life?

You sound just like my sister, Cassie. She even held a dinner party and invited a tall, handsome stranger to make up the foursome, together with her darling husband Sean.  His name was James, bit of a floppy hair thing going on with him but he seemed nice enough. The problem was that it all felt so awkward and the poor guy left on the pretext of an emergency call from an elderly neighbour. He couldn’t get out of there fast enough and I felt really awful because it was entirely my fault. He started talking about the fact I’d lost my job and then I felt that everyone was feeling really sorry for me – I wasn’t very nice to him I’m afraid. I haven’t had much luck with love so far, never met ‘the one’ and I certainly wasn’t ‘shining’ the night I met James.

Gemini’s are said to be skilled in the arts of language – in speech and writing so that should stand you in good stead for your writing. 

I hope so, although I’ve just had a blazing row with a guy on Mark Ainsley-Thomas’ website. I get my forecasts daily by Email and it’s the first thing I do in the morning, check to see what sort of day is ahead of me. Just after I was made redundant something changed, I just couldn’t understand what Mark was trying to say. So I Emailed him, the problem was I found out he doesn’t write the daily ones anymore, a Mr Kingman writes them. I didn’t mean to be rude to him, but my life is in pieces and how on earth am I supposed to know what to do next if I can’t understand what he’s trying to tell me? I feel everything is falling apart, I just hope other Gemini’s aren’t going through the same thing.

You shouldn’t worry too much, Gemini is a mutable sign (which means change) and Gemini’s are chameleon like, changing their personas to fit with whomever they are with.

Really? You think so? That’s heartening. I’m trying so hard to adjust to this new life and I hate upsetting anyone. I know that Mark Ainsley-Thomas is now a celebrity and I realise he doesn’t know me at all, but he has been a huge part of my life.  I just can’t warm to the new guy, so I have to live governed by Mark’s monthly forecasts, when he’s doing the readings and telling me what to do next. I hope they don’t sack Mr Kingman because I made a fuss. Maybe I’m trying too hard and I should relax a bit and let my instincts take me forward, let the chameleon take over! It’s been so good talking to you Shaz, you’ve really cheered me up!

You mustn’t forget that those born with their sun in the sign of Gemini are said to be restless. 

I suppose you are right there. I so wanted to find love but now I’ve given up on that too. I’ve never felt more restless than I do now, perhaps the book I’m writing will be the start of something new and exciting for me. Who knows, it might fill that empty little part of me that longs to meet someone special; perhaps my ‘someone special’ is a character in my book!

Well, good luck Katherine and remember, Gemini’s are all about duality, the twins, yin and yang. You have everything you need to get what you want out of life, if it’s a little out of kilter at the moment it’s only a passing phase.

Note from author Linn B Halton: Thank you Shaz, I’ve been a little concerned about Katherine recently. Who lives their life according to their horoscope? It’s crazy! But I think you’ve given her confidence the boost she needs. I’ll send you a copy of The Quintessential Gemini and you can find out how it all ends …

PS. When you did my ‘Shaz’ Stars’ chart and sent me your interview questions I felt like an open book. You knew exactly what to ask. If they sack Mr Kingman perhaps Mark Ainsley-Thomas will offer you a job instead (laugh). Thank you for a fun interview and for inviting me to your wonderful blog today.

The Quintessential Gemini is published by Sapphire Star Publishing 7th June 2012.

For twenty-one years the main focus of Katherine Dale’s life has been her work.  Love interests and hobbies came and went; but always there for her, her only constant – other than her cat delightfully named No. 4 – was her nine to five habit.   Until she’s replaced.

Her confidence is dented and she’s angry; at life and at herself.  She’s failed to grasp the office politics that were going on around her and ignored hints of ‘changes to come’ in her horoscope forecasts. Forover twenty years she has followed Mark Ainsley-Thomas, a renowned Astrologer in the UK and USA.  His daily forecasts direct the way she lives her life as a typically complex Gemini.  Mark is now an ‘A’ list celebrity and his new Agent is determined to raise his profile in America, so he has to take on James Kingman to help him run his website.

Katherine is totally confused by James’ forecasts.  After a couple of Email exchanges, James admits he’s writing the daily forecasts now instead of Mark and advises her ‘it’s probably best not to get too bogged down with the minute detail’.  Katherine explodes and drafts a reply, letting out all of the hurt and anger she’s been bottling up.  She feels better afterwards and instead sends James a much friendlier Email, acknowledging Mark has a unique style and wishing him luck.  To her horror she receives a tirade back from James and realises she sent the wrong Email !

The story is told through the eyes of Katherine, Mark and James.  Gossip results in all three being named in a national newspaper headline ‘Mystic Love Triangle Surprise’.

The problem is, what will Mark’s wife say when she hears this shattering news – especially as it isn’t true?  What will Katherine’s family think now she’s a scarlet woman?  And as for James, well – can it possibly get any worse?

The Quintessential Gemini is available to purchase from Amazon:

Kindle £2.68

Paperback £9.41

To find out more about Linn and her novels:-

Linn’s Website:
Amazon UK (buy) –
Amazon US (buy) –
Twitter Account @LinnBHalton: Author Page:

To enter to win an e-copy of The Quintessential Gemini, just leave a pick me comment.  The giveaway is International and closes midnight 22nd June 2012.  Good luck! 


32 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Shaz’ Stars special: Quintessential Gemini by Linn B Halton

  1. Great interview as always Shaz! This sounds like a good read, please put my name in the hat for the giveaway 🙂

  2. Absolutely brilliant, well done, Katherine: it’s so nice to meet you. I have, of course, started reading TQG so I know a little bit about what’s happening, but it’s great to get a feel for your chatty voice and sense of humour. Trust Shaz to draw you out and make you shine. Wonderful feature, thank you all!

  3. Ooh, poor, Katherine. I feel for you, I really do. Yo do realise poor James had probably spent hours agonising over his floppy hair… bless. 🙂 What a fabulous idea, interviewing characters in relation to their star signs. You could make it a regular slot and reassure loads of confused characters – a sort of ‘you can’t help it – it’s a trait’ counselling session. What the stars say about YOUR character! Love it! 🙂 xx

  4. Great interview, really good fun and interesting. Looks like another great read from Linn B. Halton x

  5. This is my current read – and I’m loving it and the whole idea that someone could live their lives according to their daily horoscope! This is such a super interview and a greater insight into Katherine’s Gemini world.

  6. Ha ha great fun read. If only I could live my life by my horoscope. Nah, perhaps not, have just read mine for today. So how does Katherine do it and survive. I shall just have to read the book and find out. Great post, Shaz 🙂

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  8. Thank you for all your lovely comments.

    Linn has chosen her winner – CONGRATULATIONS memybooksandi. I’ll get in touch with the publishers so you should hear from them soon.

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