Indie Author Interview with Paul A Hilton

Jera’s Jamboree would like to welcome indie author Paul Hilton on the blog today.

Paul has been writing for over ten years and has had numerous short stories and articles published. 


At the moment, Paul writes for the children to young teens market but he has plans to write for adults too.


Paul has written two paranormal books (Kara and the Amulet of Amun-Ra and Penhexen – The Crystal of Gallian) and two paranormal horror books (Midfright Tales One and Two).

  • Would you share with us Paul, how your writing journey began?  What was your inspiration?

I started to get interested in writing in my early teens when I wrote stories about a stable which was full of wonderful magical horses – I was inspired by the TV programme “White Horses” which was being aired it that time.

  • You served for many years in the Armed Forces, has the structure of the services helped you in structuring your writing? 

It has helped me in other ways by giving me an insight to more clandestine workings of the world. From this knowledge I intend to write stories for older reader.

  • And have your experiences had an influence on your writing?

I think we all tend to write stories that have a direct relationship to the things that have happened in our lives, whether it’s first hand experiences or things we have read about or watched on the television. So the short answer is yes…

  • Are you a panster or a plotter?

I think I’m a bit of both really, in that I like to write a basic outline to my stories which give me a general idea – then the panster part of me takes over and the story fills out as I go along.

  • How do you market and promote your work?

That is the hard part, being a writer I like to write. As an indie writer it is important to learn how to promote and market your work. My efforts up to now have been through twitter and blogger, but the Writers Magazine has given me a lot of insight in to doing it yourself – the biggest problem, as always is finding the time…

  • What’s the best thing about being an indie writer?

I think being overall control of how you want your book to appear. Also not having publishers chasing every 5 minutes with demands to change this, that or the other…

  • What’s the worst?

Not having the support of a large organisation, or someone to take care of a large amount of the marketing and promotion.

  • What is your current WIP (work in progress)? 

I’m currently working on my second Kara book, “Kara and the Golden Sphinx” which I hope to release later in the year. I am also developing the story line for my second book in the Penhexen series, “The Dragons of Time” working title.

  • What tips would you give for aspiring writers?

Have faith in yourself and your writing – write every day even if it’s only a few hundred words. If you can’t get an agent or publisher – (because you’re not yet a celebrity) give self publishing a go.

  • and finally, who are your favourite authors?

G P Taylor, George Orwell, J R R Tolkien, C S Lewis and many others, too numerous to mention.

You can follow Paul’s writing journey on his blog or keep in touch via Twitter.

For anyone looking for exciting YA Paranormal books:

Kara And the Amulet of Amun-Ra

Moving into the old vicarage at Clifton Ridge, fourteen year old Kara is called to the cellar where she finds an ancient wooden door. The door dates back to the days of Ancient Egypt. Trapped inside the door is the soul of Sahu a long dead Pharaoh. Kara and her friend Peter agree to help him escape his tomb and live again. But this leads her into direct conflict with the evil Lord Grimm of the manor and his henchman, Kilim. It is a dangerous time for Grimm; his body is dying and now is the time for him to transmigrate. Using the Amulet of Amun-Ra and the help of the Gods of Ancient Egypt he must move into the young body of his son, Lawrence, before it’s too late. Feeling threatened by the door and its prisoner, he orders Kilim to destroy it. With Kilim’s assistance or lack of it the despicable Lord Grimm is beaten in many ways but he is not yet defeated. Will Sahu get is freedom? will Grimm transmigrate to his new life? Or will Kara and Peter get the Amulet of Amun-Ra and win the struggle to save Sahu and themselves?

£0.77 Kindle edition on Amazon.

Penhexen: The Crystal of Gallian

PENHEXEN – He’s more than a Wizard, he’s a Dreamon!

On his thirteenth birthday, Thomas Penhexen’s life changes dramatically beyond all recognition. His strange dreams coupled with unusual occurrences lead him into a universe of danger and adventure. His fight against the evil Dreamon, Odarr, leads him to the Realm of Fire. Held against her will, Thomas must save his mother from Odarr’s evil clutches. But he finds his quest is all part of Odarr’s grand plan to control him and his supernatural powers. His struggle with Odarr leads him and his friends into greater and more dangerous things.

Kindle edition £0.77 on Amazon

For anyone looking for some paranormal horror books to keep you on the edge of your seat:

Midfright Tales One

Midfright Tales One, contains eleven bone chilling, brain screaming, heart fluttering journeys into the dark paranormal world of horror. These tales will make you shiver through each and every page and will continue to scare you long after reading them. With thrilling dark tales like these you’ll be up all night looking for the next edition… But be careful, for the realm of twilight can be a dangerous place to lose yourself.

£0.77 Kindle Edition on Amazon.

Midfright Tales Two

Kindle Edition £1.02 on Amazon


2 thoughts on “Indie Author Interview with Paul A Hilton

  1. Great interview, Shaz, it’s nice to meet Paul. Love the panster/plotter answer: good for you! I’m an obsessive plotter but wish I could relax more. Books sound really intriguing, will go and check out. 🙂

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