Shaz Stars interviews Associate Reader Laura Seaton

In the hot seat today I would like to welcome:


Hello Laura, thank you for letting us have a peek behind the scenes into your reading habits.  Your sun sign is ARIES.

  • Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and therefore represents new beginnings and openness to new ideas.  Does this energy affect your choice of genres?  Do you prefer to read a range of genres that offers you new vistas?
I definitely prefer things that are not real, or at least not part of my reality. It helps me escape and enjoy new experiences and think about things that I have not done or would not be able to do because they are pure fantasy.

  • Energetic and enthusiastic are two words that suit an Arian well.  A downside of all that energy is restlessness, the need to be constantly moving.  Does this affect the times when you sit down to read?  Is there at time when you are calmer?  Do you read as you are doing other things? (ie walking around)  Does this affect your concentration?
Having a lot of energy and being restless is certainly part of my life but I think that is why I read so much. I can’t sit and watch a mindless programme on television, I would much rather read a book. That way even if my body is not active my mind is. When I am reading a good book it is very hard for me to put it down until I have finished. I have been known to cook, eat, walk and even bath my children with my nose in a book.

  • Arians are direct, frank and candid.  The phrase ‘what you see is what you get’ could be applied to a native with the sun in Aries.  Do you think these energies come across in the reviews you write?
I always speak and write exactly what I think. To be honest I believe that Arians make the best reviewers as they are like this naturally. I don’t ever think if I say this so and so might get upset. You asked for my opinion and I have given it. If you don’t like it ask someone else.

  • Organisation is a strong trait in Arians.  Are you organised in choosing which book to read next and when you will blog your review?
I read books because the blurb on the back appeals to me, giving me some idea of the story but making me intrigued. There has to be an air of mystery to it. If it doesn’t interest me it will go to the bottom of the pile. My blogs and reviews are usually written as I am experiencing something, this way you get a fair opinion. The last chapter might be great but the rest of it rubbish or visa versa. I know last impressions count but I think you should always write your thoughts down as you get them. I would usually publish a review within a day of finishing reading so I cant go back and change it.

  • While Arians welcome challenges, if things aren’t moving fast enough for them they move on.  If you are reading a book that is slow-going, do you give up and move onto another book?  Do you skip or scan pages to get to the end?  Have you ever read the ending of a book first?
I never read the ending of a book first, in fact that is a lie I specifically remember reading the last chapter of the half blood prince first. It completely ruined the book for me. I have been known to skim read when a book is going slowly. The best example of this is War and Peace, I tended to skim the peace bits to get the gist of what was happening. I always finish a book though and would never put one down half way through, or at least I haven’t yet.

  • Those born with an Aries sun are the leaders of the zodiac.  They like to be first and expect others to listen to them.  Do you network with other bloggers?  Do you share what has worked for you?  Do you listen to what has worked for others and then implement it for yourself?
I always like to be the first to try something or to have other people listen to me. I give advice a lot about all manner of things and if someone asks a question I don’t know the answer to I find the answer and then respond. I am on twitter @tiredmummyoftwo and I blog. I am fairly new at both of these but already I have a huge following which is really nice. I take the time to speak to people and comment on other people blogs. I also do “share the blog love Saturdays” in which I recognise and promote 10 blog posts from that week. It lets people know I am not just out there for me but that I also want to hear what they have to say too. I take peoples advice but I don’t generally ask for it which I think is a failing of most Arians.

Thank you for sharing with us Laura.

Laura is an Associate Reader for Loveahappyending which is an interactive reader/author website.  Visit Loveahappyending to find out more about this brilliant project and how you, as a reader, can support them. 


twitter @tiredmummyoftwo


2 thoughts on “Shaz Stars interviews Associate Reader Laura Seaton

  1. I admire your philosophy, Laura. Not much point getting a review if it’s not an honest one. Well done you! 🙂 x

  2. yayyy it is nice to know there are other reviewers out there who don’t mind giving an honest opinion on the books they are reading xxx

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