Secret Squirrel: Twilight Fan? Free Kindle

Secret Squirrel has some advice for you if you have some spare time on your hands (and even if you don’t!) … especially if you are a Twilight fan.

Secret Squirrel enjoying the recent sunshine ...

Becoming Edward by Faye Meredith is FREE on Kindle for 1 day on Thursday 8th March 2012.

The ebook Becoming Edward will be FREE to borrow on Kindle this Thursday. It’s the story of a guy who starts dressing up like Edward Cullen to attract a girl who’s a massive Twilight fan. Trouble is he gets it wrong and it kind of goes to his head, with disastrous consequences. It’s set in the UK and is a light-hearted, fun novel about what happens when obsession goes too far. Perfect for both Twilight and non-Twilight fans.

You can borrow it for nothing on Kindle from 8am to 8pm on Thursday 8th March in the UK (from 12am on Thursday 8th March American Standard Pacific Time) or it can be bought from on Kindle £1.99 or as a paperback for £5.00 and from on Kindle and paperback.

Secret Squirrel would like to remind readers that Faye appeared on Jera’s Jamboree in December.  Look out for the review of Becoming Edward soon!

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