Secret Squirrel: Newsflash

Secret Squirrel was on holiday last weekend down Bristol way.  While she was enjoying the sun, she heard something that added more sparkle to her day than the sun and a glitter ball combined.

Waiting for confirmation from that overheard conversation, Secret Squirrel can now share the news that Sapphire Star Publishing has signed a Loveahappyending author!

Secret Squirrel couldn’t be more delighted to share with readers that Sapphire Star Publishing has acquired Sophie’s Turn from author Nicky Wells.

Secret Squirrel knows that readers will join with her in congratulating Nicky and wishing her all the success she deserves.

Secret Squirrel signing out until next time …


6 thoughts on “Secret Squirrel: Newsflash

  1. Heee heee, the secret’s out! Thansk to Secret Squirrel for sharing the good news. She does look a bit tipsy at the end… quite similar to me of late, then. (Oooh have I been partying too much? Nah!). Besides, I thought she preferred TEA? Anyhow, thanks very much, Ms Squirrel, for launching my news onto the world. I am truly honoured! And thanks to Kate, Lindsay and Sue for stopping by to join the party… let’s keep rockin’ and rollin’ all day!

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