Secret Squirrel: Rising stars …

Whilst Secret Squirrel was communing with nature to catch the latest news on the ether …

… a whisper on the wind caused her to don her disguise and confirm those whispers.

Secret Squirrel is excited to announce that Sapphire Star Publishing has acquired a novel from a Loveahappyending author.

Step into the spotlight Linn B Halton

The novel in question is The Quintessential Gemini and Secret Squirrel is sharing with readers an exclusive extract:

It’s lunchtime before I realise that three and a half hours have passed in a flash. Today I’m making progress, yesterday was awful! However, my stars for today read:

 Gemini – Thursday’s Daily Forecast by Mark Ainsley-Thomas

 Love is in the air and those around you are inspired to show you the way forward. Exciting things are happening and now is the time to take a chance and step outside your comfort zone. What do you have to lose by being brave? Every day is a fresh chance to start again.

Talk about obscure! I haven’t seen anyone all week and I’ve only had one phone call, my sister Cassie inviting me over for dinner Saturday evening. I said no, but she says she’s already invited some guy and I’m needed to make up the numbers. In other words, she’s trying to fix me up with a man again. She also thinks I’m suffering from post-redundancy stress. She’s been reading her glossy women’s magazines again – unfortunately, I’m now in danger of being saved from this month’s latest syndrome. Love if probably the furthest thing from my mind at this moment in time – I’m much too busy wallowing in self-pity. However, I am getting to know the postman quite well. After four whole years, I have at last met him and we’ve struck up a daily dialogue that consists mainly of the weather, the weight of his postal sack and his arthritis. He looks about eighty, but obviously, he can’t possibly be that old and still delivering the post – can he?  

Secret Squirrel is wishing Linn all the success she deserves and there is only one thing left to say:


5 thoughts on “Secret Squirrel: Rising stars …

  1. Sisters are doing it for themselves… with SSP of course! Thank you Mandy (and yay sister!) and thanks so much Janet (my favourite EPIC author of all time). Big thank you to Secret Squirrel – I heard he’s an ex-Agent, knows how to get info! Really enjoyed being ‘squirelled’.

  2. Secret Squirrel takes a bow with a flourish and says she is here to serve 🙂

    Wonderful news Linn. So well deserved … and achieved with all your other projects on the go as well. Multi-tasking – Gemini doesn’t even blink 🙂 x

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