Shaz Stars interviews Associate Reader Nikki Bywater

In the hot seat today I would like to welcome:
Hello Nikki, thank you for letting us have a peek behind the scenes into your reading habits.  Your sun sign is PISCES.

  • Pisceans are said to be sensitive to the feelings of others and respond with tact and diplomacy.  Are these traits you apply when you are writing your reviews?

Yes I do apply all these traits when I am writing reviews. I find that because I am sensitive that this almost always helps me to find a connection with the characters in a book. I can see things from all points of view and I am very diplomatic when it comes to writing a review about the book. I think we can take something and learn something new from every book that we read so I work with this in mind. I also want to bring out the best of the book in my review for the author.

  • It is said that Pisces dislike confinement.  Does this affect where you read?

I find I can read  anywhere where there is peace and quiet and no distractions. I do like to read in the garden on hot summer days. But I am more than happy to read indoors.  I like to light a few candles and to create a relaxed and calm atmosphere and to sit in a nice comfy chair preferably by a window though if indoors.

  • The Pisces sun person has a label of being dreamy and otherworldly.  Reading is the perfect place to allow yourself to be dreamy!  Do you find it hard to readjust to reality after escaping in a novel?

I really can get involved in a novel when I am reading.  Reading is the perfect place for me to escape and be dreamy. I find it so relaxing. I have a little habit that I can not leave a book between chapters! I find it harder to step back into reality if I have not read up to the end of the chapter. I am always daydreaming about what is going to happen next. But if I have read to the end of the chapter usually I can get straight back into reality. When I have finished a book it depends on how emotional the book made me feel if it is a very emotional story then I can daydream about it for hours!


  • Pisceans are receptive to new ideas and are versatile.  Does this have an affect on the genres you choose to read?

I like to read a whole variety of books.  I don’t have a favourite choice.  Although I have read a lot of books on the paranormal, I would say I have read just as much of any other type of books too.  I will read anything.  It is not that often I will start reading a book and think I can’t read this.  Some books take me longer to get into than others but generally I am receptive to new ideas.

  •  Although Pisceans are more intuitive than rational, they do have sharp memories and remember even the minutest of details.  Do you write your reviews from memory or do you take notes as you read to help you remember for writing your review at a later date?
I do a little bit of both. I do like to take notesout of respect for the author, that I am giving the best review of their bookand not leaving anything out. I always find certain things will stand out inthe book that I know I will remember and put in the review. Usually I do find Ican remember everything I have read in the book, so my notes are used to doublecheck I have not made any mistakes.

  • Pisceans are very creative (love using their imaginations!).  Have you or do you intend to design any features for your blog?

This is all new to me. My Blog is brand new and I have never done one before. So I am learning the more I use it. I do plan to make it more bright and colourful with more drawings and pictures. I like Angels and dolphins so I am hoping that I can put them somewhere in the design in time. I will most likely have to ask for my children’s help with this!

  • It is said that for Pisces, decision-making is tough and change their minds often.  If you have a pile of books waiting to be read, how do you choose which one to read next?  Do you leave a book unfinished and move on to another one?

I am terrible at making a decision!  So I find the best way to handle this by having some organisation and a plan of action!  I try and think ahead about what would be for the best, so when it came to decide to which book to read next, I always read the book that I have brought or received first!  So the books I have not read are in an orderly pile with any new ones I get going to the bottom of the pile.  So now I don’t have to make a decision, I just always take a book from the top of the pile!

Thank you for sharing with us Nikki.

Nikki is an Associate Reader for Loveahappyending which is an interactive reader/author website.  Visit Loveahappyending to find out more about this brilliant project and how you, as a reader, can support them. 

About Nikki:
Born in Batley West Yorkshire, then lived in the lovely West Ayton in North Yorkshire,then lived in Derby, spent time in America (NewYork). Settled in 1998 in Cheshire with my husband Andrew and children Liam and Chloe. I have worked in television as a TV extra/jobbing actress I like just to have small roles because I love to spend time with my family. My father is the S.A.G.B medium Terry Tasker. So my interest for the paranormal comes from this. I do not have the ability to be a medium myself (Yet) so I call myself more of a paranormal investigator/Researcher. I have also been on the radio with my paranormal work. I also love to read not just books on the paranormal; I will read almost any book “Never judge a book by its cover” I am very happy to have become an associate reader with You will find all the books I have read and reviewed on my blog. If you would like me to read and review your book please contact me.

JJ always welcomes comments. Let us know what you think!

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