Shaz Stars interviews Associate Reader Louise Graham

In the hot seat today I would like to welcome:


Hello Louise, thank you for letting us have a peek behind the scenes into your reading habits.  Your sun sign is LEO.

  • A typical Leo loves glamorous locations and adventure.  Is this a genre that you like to have on your bookshelf?

I must admit I love the glamour of a posh location or reading about how the other half live in novels. I have even called our new kitten Taittinger as it sounded delightfully posh!! Always been a big fan of Jackie Collins as you don’t get more glitz and glamour than her books and lately a lady called Sasha Wagstaff. Saying that however, I also enjoy other genres and don’t have a favourite genre of books. Where ever the mood takes me at the time!

  • Leonine people set themselves high standards.  Does this become a problem for you when you’re writing your book reviews?  Do you find yourself editing what you’ve written because you think it could be better (when in fact others would see it as adequate).

I write my reviews then read them to someone for confirmation that they are ok and then constantly try to improve what I have put! Sometimes I am tweaking for the sake of tweaking!

  • In romance, Leo’s have high aspirations and are idealistic.  If you read the romance genre, do the characters live up to your romantic expectations?  What makes a character believable for you?

I love a happy ending and as single person it gives me hope! Must admit, I would love to read a romantic novel that doesn’t always end that way and that is more true to life but I’m guessing the happy ending is what we expect! A character is believable if things happen in realistic times or I feel I can relate to them in some way. Or they have to be so fabulously rich and everything is so extreme… just the way I imagine the Posh people live!!

  • Those ruled by the Sun are able to see the bigger picture.  Do you predict what may happen as you’re reading, taking your cues from inference?  Do you see a twist in the plot coming?  Have you started to read anything that is predictable and not finished the story?

Often in a romantic novel it is obvious that the main characters will end up together so that is a given. However, how they come together and all the twists and turns are the exciting parts. Do I see plots coming – only sometimes. A great book, not so much! Very few books do I give up on.

  • Leo’s are generous and warm-hearted.  How do you feel when you have to write a review for a book that just wasn’t for you?  Do you focus on the positives but also include what you didn’t like and why?  Or do you decide not to write a review for that particular book.  What is your approach?

Totally focus on the positives. What good would writing a shocking review to a book do for anyone. I caveat what I write by explaining while it wasn’t my sort of book for whatever the reason is but would find things that were good about it. I hate to offend people and would never do that.

  • A typical Leo will dislike safety.  Do you take risks in choosing genres to read or do you stick to one genre?  What makes you pick up a book and decide to read it?

I read whatever I see on the shelf that takes my fancy. I like to go from a heavy storyline book to a light a breezy book. I also love people recommending books to me of authors I have never tried before. I’ll try anything!

Thank you Louise for your honest answers!


I’m a 30 something single mother to my gorgeous 9 year old daughter Jessica, living in South Wales. I work fulltime in the IT industry, which takes me up and down the M4 for a few days most weeks. I find reading to be a great release from day to day woes. You can’t beat the feeling of a great book that makes you want to stay up into the early hours because you are just so excited to see what happens next! Often find I get rather sad when I reach the end of a good book as I miss the characters!!

 Recently been invited to become an Associated Reader for and I am so proud to be part of this group. I have very recently set up a blog to review books that I have read and you can find me on or on twitter @lougrahamii




6 thoughts on “Shaz Stars interviews Associate Reader Louise Graham

  1. I loved this interview! It was wonderful to learn about such a valuable reviewer and understand what makes her tick. Great job Shaz!

  2. Lou is such a lovely lady and it’s interesting to hear her say she keeps ‘tweaking’ when she does a review. That level of thought means a lot to an author, so thanks for sharing you innermost thoughts Lou – Shaz has a way of finding just the right question to ask!

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