Shaz’ Stars interviews Associate Reader Kay Wilkinson

In the hot seat today I would like to welcome:


Hello Kay, thank you for letting us have a peek behind thescenes into your reading habits.  Yoursun sign is ARIES.
  1. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and therefore represents new beginnings and openness to new ideas.  Does this energy affect your choice of genres?  Do you prefer to read a range of genres that offers you new vistas? 

I don’t know if this as an openness to new ideas, but Ihave always had a bit of a thing for Science Fiction – the scientific, spacetravel sort – not the vicious alien sort.  I love reading about howscience could stretch our current possibilities and how ideas can take shape. Apart from sci-fi, I really love travel books and natural history – theworld is a really huge, amazing and varied place and I love to read and learnabout it.  I particularly enjoy lush photographs and illustrations that Ican sit and wonder at.  As a rule, I will read almost anything excepthorror, because I’m a coward at heart, I don’t want my horizons expanding whenit comes to nightmares! at least!  

  1. Energetic and enthusiastic are two words that suit an Arian well.  A downside of all that energy is restlessness, the need to be constantly moving.  Does this affect the times when you sit down to read?  Is there at time when you are calmer?  Do you read as you are doing other things? (ie walking around)  Does this affect your concentration?
I love readingand used to read constantly when I was younger.  After having kids I lostthe ability to sit still for more than half an hour at a time, and consequentlyread about 2 books in five years. I realised this last year and decided to ‘dosomething’ about that because reading is something that I actually find reallyrelaxing.  You see I have to actually sit still to read, there’s no way Ican do housework whilst reading! This means that reading has now become ‘metime’ and it means so much to sit in a quiet corner, with a cup of tea anddisappear off into another world for half an hour or so.  I have actuallyconsidered reading whilst stomping along on my school run (before picking thekids up) but I suspect I’d walk under a bus or trample little old ladies orsomething.  Probably not the best idea in the world for me.


  1. Arians are direct, frank and candid.  The phrase ‘what you see is what you get’ could be applied to a native with the sun in Aries.  Do you think these energies come across in the reviews you write?

This question made me chuckle! I am known for beingdirect, frank and candid and do speak my mind if I think it necessary.  This applies to reviews, my blog and in life in general. I see nopoint pretending to be something I’m not, or to pretend something I’m readingis something it is not.  A spade is a spade as they say!  Mind you, Ido waffle and use flowery language too.  Perhaps it should be ‘a muddyspade left in the flowerbed, is a muddy spade left in the flowerbed’…..

  1. Organisation is a strong trait in Arians.  Are you organised in choosing which book to read next and when you will blog your review?
I suspect I’m a rubbish Arian. I’m about as organised as a bag of ferrets.  My life is very busywith kids and responsibilities so I simply read when I can – this does mean myreviews will probably be very spontaneous.  As for a blogging schedule, Itry to blog when my heart and mind is in the moment.  That’s when I preferto write, ideally. It doesn’t always work that way, but that’s the intent atleast.
(comment from Ed; sounds like you need to be organised with your home and responsibilitiesJso I wouldn’t say you were a rubbish Arian!)

  1. While Arians welcome challenges, if things aren’t moving fast enough for them they move on.  If you are reading a book that is slow-going, do you give up and move onto another book?  Do you skip or scan pages to get to the end?  Have you ever read the ending of a book first?

I could never, ever read the end of a book before readingthe rest of it!  That’s just not an option for me at all.  It wouldbe like opening all my xmas presents in November or something.  I do findbooks that are slow moving a little frustrating though, and have been known toleave them on the side for later reading, or to brush my eyes speedily overpages so I can get to a good bit that I find more interesting.   (slapsown hand) 

  1. Those born with an Aries sun are the leaders of the zodiac.  They like to be first and expect others to listen to them.  Do you network with other bloggers?  Do you share what has worked for you?  Do you listen to what has worked for others and then implement it for yourself?  
One characteristic that hasdriven me throughout my life is my competitive nature. It’s not like I used topush people over in games at school or anything (I was appalling at sport, iftruth be told), but I used to work really, really hard to win housepoints andwas probably an awful swot. If I want to be good at something, I throw all myenergies and passion into it – and feel an abject failure if I don’t measure upto other people’s standards.  With this in mind, my blogs (,’A Little Bit Bookish’ ( ‘The Brink ofBedlam’ are a constant source of great pride and tremendous frustration. I do network with other bloggers and constantly watch how they write andhow they work – whilst attempting to learn, get better at what I do and find myown way around the blogging / tweeting / tinternet community.   Call me asoppy sentimentalist, but I’m a great believer in what goes around comesaround, so almost without fail, I try my best to help others out if I can in respectof blogging, writing, reading and in all aspects of life.  

Thank you for sharing with us Kay.

Kay is an Associate Reader for Loveahappyending which is an interactive reader/author website.  Visit Loveahappyending to find out more about this brilliant project and how you, as a reader, can support them. – The Brink of Bedlam blog     – A Little Bit Bookish
About Kay:
Where do I start? I am mother to two young children and a ginger cat,am happily married and bumble about on my blogs to try and keep my brainticking over.  In addition to blogging I am an avid ‘comper’ with anoptimistic nature, life is unpredictable and I always hope for the best (whilstquietly preparing for the worst, just in case….) I have been told that I havea quirky sense of humour, which is something I cultivate – again a way to keepmy brain entertained whilst at home: ie, when the potty’s upturned on thefloor, the cat’s covered in High School Musical stickers and my daughter haspermanent markered her hands bright green there’s not much more to do thanlaugh – because if I didn’t, I’d cry! That kind of thing.


3 thoughts on “Shaz’ Stars interviews Associate Reader Kay Wilkinson

  1. Hi Kay & Shaz!

    As loveahappyending associates it's nice to get to know you a bit better through your Arian traits Kay. A great interview and a fun way to do it!

    Janice xx

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