The Silver Locket by Margaret James

Paperback: 336 pages

  • Publisher: Choc Lit (1 Nov 2010)
  • Language English
  • ISBN-10: 1906931283
  • ISBN-13: 978-1906931285

Synopsis from Choc Lit

If lifeis cheap, how much is love worth?

It’s1914 and young Rose Courtenay has a decision to make.  Please her wealthyparents by marrying the man of their choice  – or play her part in the wareffort?

The chance to escape proves irresistible and Rose becomes a nurse. Working in France, she meets Lieutenant Alex Denham, a dark figure fromher past. He’s the last man in the world she’d get involved with – especiallynow he’s married.

But in wartime nothing is as it seems. Alex’s marriage is a sham and Rose isthe only woman he’s ever wanted. As he recovers from his wounds, he sets out towin her trust. His gift of a silver locket is a far cry from the luxuries she’sleft behind. 

What value will she put on his love?


TheSilver Locket contains many things I identify with – WW1, music halls, Dorsetand the East End (after my review you’ll find photos!)

Straightaway we’re introduced to Rose’s dissatisfaction with her life and hownegatively she views Alex Denham.  Thestory switches to Alex getting ready to attend Lady Courtenay’s evening partyand we learn about the label society has given him.  We find out about his negative view of the Courtenay family.  During the evening party Rose shuns Alextwice – the second time while she is with local Baronet’s son, MichaelEaston.  Alex and Michael are both in theRoyal Dorset Regiment… so at the very beginning of the story we have theantagonism that makes you want to read on.

Nextwe are introduced to two sisters living in the East End before we return to thefamily home in Dorset.  One of thesisters performs at a music hall. Intrigue!  Why are the twosisters a part of the story?

WW1begins and while we are following Rose as she starts her voluntary nursingcareer in London and then in France, we are also spending time with Alex (andperiodically Michael) as he fights with the Royal Dorset Regiment.

Thewar scenes both in the trenches with Alex and with Rose (in hospitals near thefrontline and on the trains) are masterfully crafted.  While the romance of the ‘dancing’ between Alex and Rose kept myinterest, there is also the harrowing and poignancy of WW1 and later in Russia.

Roseis a strong character from the very beginning. She knows her own mind and is not scared of taking herself off to Londonto fulfil her need to be more than a Baronet’s wife who will tell her how sheshould think.  She continues to bestrong when facing the wounds and the terror of nursing on the trains and soclose to the front line.  She takes herselfoff, sometimes walking miles to be where she wants to be and everything shedoes goes against the society rules she was born into.  I have much admiration for her!

Alexis also a strong lead.  Despite thescandal of his birth, the fact that he doesn’t want to forgive the community inDorset for their treatment of him and a moment of weakness with Charlotte, heknows what he wants but doesn’t take anything for granted. 

TheSilver Locketkept my interest throughout the book from the community and family life inDorset, the romance of Rose and Alex, the nastiness of Michael Easton, the twosisters in the East End, WW1 and the nursing. At no point is the story dull or boring!

I am giving The Silver Locket the following rating:

I won this book and the sequel ‘The Golden Chain’ in aNovelicious giveaway quite a few months ago. 

You can find out more about Margaret James on her website.  You can also find Margaret on Facebook  and on Twitter.

I won’t bore you for long with my family history photos but just had to share relevant ones!

WW1 wedding (Feb 1918)
Seated far right my paternal gt grandfather Alfred Augustus Rose,
far left my gt grandmother Emma Seakens
Directly behind the bride/groom is my grandfather also Alfred Augustus Rose
All along the front row are my grandfather’s sisters
The two males in my grandfather’s row are his brothers with the youngest, Freddy sat at the front
Next to my grandfather on the right is his aunt, Mary Ann Rose
In the same row, two in from the left is her sister, Esther Rose Rose

WW1 wedding (June 1916)
My grandmother Frances May Kenealy is in the row behind the bride/groom, 3rd from the  right
My grandfather (Alfred Augustus Rose) was not home on leave.
Her brothers are in uniform at the back and her sister in the same row, 3rd from the left.
The groom is also her brother, Daniel Edwin Kenealy

Great Aunt Esther Rose in costume of the Flying Ballet

Sisters Milton (music hall) in costume
Great Aunt Mary Ann Rose on the right (early 1900’s)

Sisters Milton top billing at the Palace of Varieties in Dover
Early 1900’s

8 thoughts on “The Silver Locket by Margaret James

  1. I'm interested in fiction and non-fiction set during and after WW1 therefore I read the review with interest and then went over to Amazon and downloaded the Silver Locket.

  2. Thank you for your comments – much appreciated!

    You won't be disappointed Chris – so much going on besides the romance 🙂 I felt like I was there – very harrowing at times.


  3. I loved this novel, too.

    Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos. I never tire of looking at old photos regardless of whose family they feature.

    carol x

  4. I had never heard of this book before and I love historical romance so review has given me another book to hunt down.

    Thanks for the posting and the pics (very cool).

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