Secret Squirrel reveals …

Secret Squirrel can now reveal another ripe acorn …

Secret Squirrel was busy minding her own business (makes a change her squirrel squad says) when this acorn fell into her lap …

Women’s Fiction Author Carolyn Moncel (Encounters in Paris and 5 Reasons to Leave a Lover) is pleased to announce work on her first YA novel, due out in fall 2012.  Ms. Moncel’s teen daughter Chloe, is her co-author and they will be writing under the pen name Ella Swinton.  The story follows the adventures of Isobel Ballou, a sassy yet snarky 15-year-old from Evanston, IL, who would like nothing more than to see her parents divorce — that is until her plan hits a series of unavoidable snags while vacationing in Venice. The new book has not yet been finalized but the working title is Nearly Lost You. For more details visit Ella Swinton’s Facebook page.

Secret Squirrel says how great it is to see a mother and daughter team working together!

For more information about Carolyn Moncel please visit her webpage.

Secret Squirrel can reveal Jera’s Jamboree will be reviewing ‘5 Reasons to Leave a Lover‘ at the end of January.

Remember, you never know where Secret Squirrel will be patrolling …

Secret Squirrel signing out until next time …

5 thoughts on “Secret Squirrel reveals …

  1. I can't believe Secret Squirrel was actually minding his own business..! Surely his little nose is always twitching to find that next ripe acorn…. 🙂 x

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