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In the hot seat today I would like to welcome:


Hello Kim, thank you for letting us have a peek behind thescenes into your reading habits.  Yoursun sign is LEO.

  1. A typical Leo loves glamorous locations and adventure.  Is this a genre that you like to have on your bookshelf? 

I do like to read about glamorouslocations and a bit of adventure but not too much!   Something that takes me out of my everyday “normal” life, into aworld that I might like to step into!  Ido like books to be realistic though as I’m bit cynical and find it hard tobelieve things that are really over the top! I struggle a bit with sci-fi. Can’t watch any films that are unrealistic as I just can’t relate tothem and sit there thinking that it couldn’t possibly happen anyway!  And it’s the same with books for me.  My favourite type of book is chick lit.  I love a happy ever after, dream come trueromance that leaves me feeling all happy and warm when I’ve read it.   I also love to read books aboutfriendships, they’re a very important part of life and I like to read aboutother people’s friends and their relationships.  Milly Johnson’s wonderful latest novel Here Come The Girls wasall about friendship and I loved it!   Ireally enjoy reading about life after death and mediums.  Read a couple of fanastic books latelyTouched by the Light by Linn B Halton and Discovery at Rosehill by KathrynBrown – both excellent paranormal romances which I thoroughly enjoyed. 
  1. Leonine people set themselves high standards.  Does this become a problem for you when you’re writing your book reviews?  Do you find yourself editing what you’ve written because you think it could be better (when in fact others would see it as adequate).
Is that why I do it?  I do read, and re-read, and read it again tomake sure it sounds right.  I also worrythat there can’t be any spelling mistakes in it, as I work for a company thatoffer copywriting as one of our services so we have to be hot on having thingsspelt correctly and also grammatically correct.  And one of my bosses Linda has a bit of a thing about apostrophesso I’m scared still that I might put them in the wrong place.  I’ve actually known myself rewrite a wholesentence and change the wording to remove the apostrophe completely rather thanget it wrong!  One of my pet hates isreading spelling mistakes.  I rememberhaving an email argument once with someone and I couldn’t focus on theargument, just the fact that it wasn’t spelt correctly! Bit strange but that’sme I’m afraid!
  1. In romance, Leo’s have high aspirations and are idealistic.  In the romance genre, do the characters live up to your romantic expectations?  What makes a character believable for you? 
This is definitely my genre. As Isaid earlier, I do like a happy ever after story and I also quite like a bit ofa hero.  I recently read Who’s Afraid ofMr Wolfe by Hazel Osmond and the male character Jack Wolfe was just perfectalong with Ellie who was also a fab character, sassy, clever, hardworking,beautiful, someone to admire and look up to. Hazel definitely has a knack of making her characters believable.  Bagpipes and Bullshot by Janice Horton wasalso a proper happy ever after story with fabulously believablecharacters.  I suppose every girl’sdream is to be whisked away by a handsome man who is going to love her and lookafter her – or is that just me?
  1. Those ruled by the Sun are able to see the bigger picture.  Do you predict what may happen as you are reading, taking your cues from inference?  Do you see a twist in the plot coming?  Have you started to read anything that is predictable and not finished the story?
I try not to look too far aheadin a book.  I never read the last pageas I wouldn’t want to spoil the whole book by peeking at the end.  I try to read it as I go along, although ina book I recently read called The Surprise Party by Sue Welfare, I did havesuspicions about a certain character that turned out to be correct.   I don’t mind predictability and I don’tthink I’ve ever not finished a book even if I’m not really enjoying it,although they are very few and far between.
Q.               Leo’s are generous and warm-hearted.  How do you feel when you have to write a review for a book thatjust wasn’t for you?  Do you focus onthe positives but also include what you didn’t like and why?  Or do you decide not to write a review forthat particular book.  What is yourapproach?
I’m so lucky that so far Ihaven’t had this crop up.  I’m dreadingit though because if someone has gone to all that trouble to write, publish andmarket a book, and ask me to do a review, I’d hate to put the dampers on it forthem by saying that I didn’t like it.  I’ve only been blogging about books for about five months, so any adviceanyone can give on how to handle that would be much appreciated. 
(Ed:  Arethere any readers who are able to offer advice to Kim on how to handle thissituation for the future?)
Q.  A typical Leowill dislike safety.  Do you take risksin choosing genres to read or do you stick to one genre?  What makes you pick up a book and decide toread it?
I am a complete magpie and likeanything shiny, sparkly and colourful on a cover.  I also like pictures that look nice and that I can relateto.  One of the first books that I wasasked to review was Mothers & Daughters by Kate Long and when it arrived inthe post and I unwrapped it, I was delighted because it was a white backgroundwith pink and purple (purple being my favourite colour!) shoes and handbags andit was sparkly and glittery!  I loved itjust by looking at the cover.  And againto mention Hazel Osmond’s Who’s Afraid of Mr Wolfe, again purple and sparkly –a gorgeous cover.  I’ve received a bookthis week to review called Turning the Tide by Christine Stovell and the coveris the most gorgeous picture of a lady sat on some rocks by water looking atthe most gorgeous coloured sky.  That’sthe sort of picture that attracts me to a book, then when I’ve read what itsabout, if it sounds like something I’m going to gel with, I’ll read it. 
Thank you for sharing your reading habits and blogging skills Kim.

Kim is an Associate Reader for Loveahappyending which is an interactive reader/author website.  Visit Loveahappyending to find out more about this brilliant project and how you, as a reader, can support them.

About Kim The Book Worm

Momto my delicious three year and a half old son Oliver, marketing co-ordinator atPassionate Media and reviewer for Ihave always been an avid reader since I was a child.  I always remember mydarling Mom telling me not to stay awake too late reading, but I ignored heradvice and would sit up till all hours with my nose in a book dying to get tothe end!   She didn’t mind really, she was exactly the same when shewas young – obviously where I got it from. 

I’ve read millions of fabulous books over the years.  One of the mostmemorable ones which still sticks in my mind now, is Lets Meet on Platform 8 byCarole Matthews.  This book that had me feeling the raw emotions of themain character which has stayed with me even though I read it a million yearsago!  She is still one of my favourite authors and I can’t wait till herlatest books come out so I can get them straight away! 

When I was young, I always imagined myself grown up and having my own bookpublishing company where I was sent millions of books and I got to read themall, that was going to be my job!  Fantastic.  I’m now 42 years oldand have never got my dream of my own book publishing company but recentlydecided that I was going to do something that I loved doing and that was toread and to comment upon the books that I read. 

During reading a book called Spring Affair by the wonderful Milly Johnson, Iwrote to Milly and had to tell her how fabulous, motivating and inspirational Ifound her book.  It was all about clutter clearing and made me immediatelygo and clear out my cupboards then look at different aspects of my life and Isuppose that moment was the instigating moment that made me decide to dothis blog.  Milly wrote back to me the same day to thank me for mycomments and I’ve kept in touch with her a few times and suggested my idea toher and she told me to go for it. 

For that Milly, I am eternally grateful.  You are a fabulous author and awonderful lady and thank you so much for your kind words andencouragement. 

Even though I find myself saying that I don’t have time to do lots of things, Ialways manage to find time to read especially when I’m on holiday, althoughwith a 3 and a half year old, its not always easy.  I can get throughloads of books on my hols, upsetting my other half very much when he bought methe latest James Patterson hardback before we went on our last holiday, and I’dread it before the end of the day! 

I work for a PR and editiorial agency in Cannock, Staffs called PassionateMedia as a Marketing Co-ordinator.  I absolutely love working with thepeople there, such a genuine and lovely group of people. 

I hope that my wonderful Mom is looking down on me from heaven and is proud ofthe fact that I’ve created this blog all about books and that she’s happy thatI’m able to spend a little of my time doing something that I thoroughly enjoy.
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