Shaz’ Stars interviews author Kit Domino

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Hello Kit, thank you for letting us have a peek behind thescenes.  Your sun sign is ARIES.
  1. Aries is the first of the zodiacal signs and as such represents new beginnings and action.  Despite this desire to be the ‘front-runner’, boredom can set in quickly.  Writing is a long creative journey.  Do you lose interest quickly in writing projects?  Does there need to be something specific to hold your interest?

I’ve never been bored in my entire life. How could anyone with the wonderful world of books to explore and discover? And I couldn’t lose interest in my writing if I tried; its pull is too strong, the stories clambering to be told. I have at least another ten novels in draft stage. They’re incomplete not because I’m bored or lost interest in them, quite the contrary, it’s just until recently I haven’t had the time to work fully on them.

    1. Enthusiasm and confidence are a part of the Arian energy.  Would you consider this to be a strength in your writing?

    Enthusiasm I have in bucketfuls, it’s the confidence that goes AWOL. It runs off frequently with its friend. Have I introduced you to Shyness? No? It lives on the inside, lurking in corners, timid but always there. The biggest boost to my confidence came several years ago when the opening chapters of Every Step of the Way were shortlisted for the Harry Bowling Prize. As a direct result, I jumped the slush piles and was taken on by a top London agent. Mega confidence booster! But then the old enemy Shyness crept out again…

      1. It is said that there is no new thought or action in the world that hasn’t been thought of or tried before.  Arians are pioneers in thoughts and action.  Do you agree with this statement?

      No, I don’t. If there were no new thoughts or actions the world and humankind would never progress or evolve. It is true that most plots have been done, many mere modern reworkings of old myths, legends and religious tales. But occasionally a unique idea, a new plot, emerges and I do believe I have found one in the story of Whitestones. A much esteemed book scout and editor recently reached the same conclusion. But is the world ready for Whitestones? A tale of love and music transcending the barriers of time. Watch this space, as they say.

        1. Arians can tap into an immense amount of energy.  Would you say this has an effect on your writing schedule?

        Can you give me a moment, please? I just need to finish dabbing alizarin crimson on this flower head before the paint dries. There, that’s got it. Sorry, you were asking? Ah yes …Energy. Comes in fits and starts, full choke one moment, weary and flat battery the next, probably because I sleep very little. My brain a constant hive of energy with thoughts flashing around like a million fireflies, I’m normally at my desk at 5.30 am, writing whilst the ideas and storylines are fresh. As I no longer have to rush off to the office job, I spend the remainder of the day editing and proofing, researching, investigating, always thirsting for knowledge. Oh, and networking. Very important. Very tiring but so much fun. I don’t write of an evening. That’s reading time. And somewhere in between I manage to fit in housework, cooking, gardening, and yet still find time for my other passion – painting. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

          1. Objectivity is a word common in the Arian vocabulary.  How do you get into the soul of your characters/project to give them depth, make them come alive ……… so your readers believe in them?

          I try to become that character, think and feel like that person. I don’t start out with a personality trait or image in mind, my characters take on a life and soul of their own as the story progress. If I need a certain characteristic, I try to focus on someone I know, perhaps by the way they speak, or their actions/reactions in certain situations, without making it a caricature of that person. Alfie in Every Step of the Way speaks with the voice of my own father, for it was him speaking in my head all the time the book was being written, but the actions and mannerisms of Alfie are certainly not him. Thank goodness. Alfie’s not a nice man.

          Q.     One of the negative Arian traits is an irritation atslowness.  When you experience a lull inideas, something is taking longer than planned or is just not working out toyour satisfaction, how do you deal with that?

          Gosh, that is so, so true. Impatience is my middlename along with its twin sister, Frustration. I want things to happenimmediately, always running at things when I should be walking, jumpingstraight in when I should be taking a step back, then getting discouraged whenthings aren’t moving forward fast enough, especially when things are out ofyour hands and control. I move forward. Jump on the next idea and hope it’s theVFT to Successville. 

          1. To progress and grow in any sphere of life it’s important that we take note of other people’s advice.  Arians are loathe to do this, especially if they disagree.  Do you take note of anyone’s advice in relation to your writing, or do you disregard it?

           (Heaves big sigh) Us Arians are a misunderstood breed. Wealways welcome advice with open arms. But only when it’s been asked for. Yousee, we like to make our own mistakes; that’s how we learn. If we need help orneed to know, we ask. In the many years I’ve been writing, I’ve received somuch advice, good and bad, I could write a book about it. Particularly the bad.One tutor told me I had too muchimagination for a fantasy writer (doh!) and would never finish the timeslip Iwas working on. Wrong! And I was once advised by a well-known author that Every Step of the Way needed so muchattending to before any agent would even consider it, it was best put in thedrawer and forgotten about. Little did she know it had already been shortlistedfor the Harry Bowling and I already had a top agent – hers! 

          Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to share with us Kit 🙂

          Kit a showcased author with Loveahappyending which is an interactive reader/author website.  Visit Loveahappyending to find out more about this brilliant project and how you, as a reader, can support them.

          Author Biography

          Kit Domino is an author, poet andan accomplished painter. She writes London sagas, timeslips and of paranormal phenomena.Several of her poems have been published in various anthologies and magazines.Her colourful acrylic landscapes have sold in Europe as well as in the UK. Bothher writing and artistry are inspired by the countryside around her home inSouth West England, her passion for nature and a love of music and travel.Earlier this year, Kit was made redundant, having spent all her working lifeeither typing, typesetting, proofing or editing all manner of books, fictionand factual. It means she can now devote more of her time to writing and worksfrom home as a proofreader. A little bird has told me she recently agreed toact as agent for a mainstream author. 

          Every Step of the Way is scheduled for publication soon.
          To read more about Kit Domino and her books and to see some of her glorious paintings visit her website at and her blogsite: You can also follow her on Twitter.


          2 thoughts on “Shaz’ Stars interviews author Kit Domino

          1. Hello ladies! What a fantastic interview! Shaz is asking compelling questions, as always, and I loved Kit's honest and detailed answers. I totally empathise with the whole confidence-shyness-thingshavetohappennow-thing! I feel like I know Kit quite well now. Well done, both of you, and thanks! x

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