December Moon by Suzy Turner

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Synopsis from Amazon
On her 15th birthday, December Moon discovers she is the descendant of a family of witches, kept in the dark her entire life in an effort to protect her. But when Lilly, her best friend, finds herself in danger from one of the world’s most evil vampires, December will do everything in her power to stop him.
December Moon is Part Two in The Raven Saga and is an urban fantasy novel for children and young adults.
In August I reviewed Raven which is Part 1 of The RavenSaga. 
In September I interviewed author Suzy Turner as part of her tour to launch December Moon.   One of my questions was ‘What can readers hope to experience as they follow December Moon on her journey?’ and Suzy answered:  I hope they will enjoy the story as much as Raven, if not more.  I actually had more fun writing December Moon as there are some fabulous new characters and a bit more action.
So what did I think about December Moon?
Just before December’s 15th  birthday she wishes for something to help alleviate something that gives her great angst and what she wishes for happens.  She also has a dream.  On the day of her 15th birthday life changes for her dramatically. Leaving her aunt Penelope behind, she journeys to Seattle with chauffeur Monty to live with her mother Moira and ghostly grandmother Ruby and discovers she is a witch, descended from a long line of respected witches.
December and Lilly have stayed in contact throughout the year they’ve been apart but now they both have a secret they’re unable to tell each other.  That is until Lilly witnesses something horrific on her way to her aunt Rose’s home and from that time, December and Lilly’s lives become tangled with each other when the Elders and the community of witches join together to help rid the Powell River community of one of the oldest and most evil vampires – who is focussed on the one thing he wants and is causing utter destruction so that he can get it.
Until they meet, December Moon and Lilly’s lives are told by using alternating chapters.  As each chapter ends, we are left wanting to know more (for instance leaving the reader on a question).  The action and tension is building all the time so that half-way through, we have a major crises and the consequences of that causes major rumbles through the rest of the story.  I have to say the action is totally gripping!
Raven is told in the first person from Lilly’s perspective and has a sombre tone as the foundations are made for the saga to continue.  December Moon is told in the third person and lets us get to know some brilliant characters and experience the relationships that the other characters have.  I really enjoyed the relationship Moira has with her own ghostly mother Ruby.  I found this quite humorous.  Despite the tenseness we also get to see December Moon and Lilly as young adults – the fun aspect of their relationship.  We get to meet many of those who are living with the Elders in their community in the caves as we spend some time with them.    The different style and pace of both suit exactly the needs of the characters and the storyline.
The character that I hoped would return does and wow, what away to have a character re-entering a story J
You don’t have to read Raven to be able to understand December Moon – the author cleverly weaves the important information in at relevant times although with a trilogy, personally I like to read all the books!
One night, after midnight, I was still engrossed in December Moon but I was struggling to keep my eyes open … as soon as I could the next day I had to start reading again because the story just kept flashing into my mind.
We are left with a cliff-hanger – who is the lost soul whose presence has been felt by the girls? There’s still a little time to wait until we can find out as The Lost Soul (final part of The Raven Saga) is coming March 2012.  I for one am waiting …
Again, although December Moon is a young adult novel, I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in the supernatural and paranormal.  There is much to absorb you as an adult!
I am giving December Moon the following rating:

Buy it but be loathe to share your copy … it’s a keeper!

I would like to thank the author for providing me with an e-copy to review. 

You can find our more about Suzy on her website and catch her on her blog.  Suzy also tweets and you can find her on Facebook.



5 thoughts on “December Moon by Suzy Turner

  1. Hi Suzy did you post this book on Authonomy? I thought I had read parts of this. It sounds very enjoyable and intrigueing and I will look for the ebook. Much success Patricia aka Columbia Layers of the Heart

  2. Hi Patricia! I posted parts of the first book, Raven, on Authonomy but not December Moon. At least I don't think I did!! It's been so long since I was on there that I can't even remember!!
    Thanks for your kind comments.
    And Sharon, thank you so much for writing such a wonderful review. You truly are a star! X

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