The season for blog appreciation?

Jera’s Jamboree has been given another award!  I really think this must be the season for sharing the blog appreciation and love of bloggers 🙂

I received the following award from Lindsay over at The Littlereader Library.  Thanks Lindsay!

Lindsay and I have only recently ‘met’.  I really enjoy reading her book reviews and blogs.  Is there anything Lindsay has reviewed that you would add to your wishlist?  You can also find Lindsay on the sidebar of my blog under my ‘Favourite Book Bloggers’.

The rules of this award are:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave the award to you.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Send it along to 15 other bloggers and let them know you have awarded them!

The 7 things you might or might not know about me are:

  1. I hate cooking so volunteered to help run an after school cookery club to take me out of my comfort zone.  I did it for two years and it hasn’t changed how I feel about cooking 🙂
  2. I am a trained First Aider.
  3. My favourite holiday was a two week Med cruise with my family in 2005.
  4. I am an only child although I have seven half-siblings.
  5. I would love to live in Villefranche Sur Mer.
  6. In 2004 while on holiday in Majorca I fell off a scooter (one with an engine haha) and spent time in hospital there having x-rays and my chin stitched.
  7. I am the administrator and also contributor to a poetry website under the alias Cerris.  We’ve had 30,441 visitors since inception 🙂

The 15 blogs I am passing on the Versatile Blogger award to are:

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog posts and comments.  You are all very much appreciated.


8 thoughts on “The season for blog appreciation?

  1. Thank you!!! Ooo who to pass it on to? You know how much I 'love' cooking – that's why I wrote a book around it! LOLL!


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