A tweet with a well-timed surprise!

I was intrigued by this tweet ‘Hello! Hope you’re having a fabby day. Thereis a little award for you on my Blog
I’ve had a couple of ‘down’ days (which we all have now and then!) butnow I’m smiling and it’s all because of Pauline Barclay who sent me theFriendly Blogger Award!

Pauline and I ‘met’ through the innovative Loveahappyendingproject.  She is a very supportive ladywith a fab blog called Scribbles.  I’ve read some very interesting posts as well as her author news. No hesitation in recommending you go and have a browse and you’ll seeexactly what I mean!  Pauline is alwaysso upbeat and positive.  I keep up todate with Pauline’s posts because she’s on my ‘Author Blogs’ roll on my ownblog J
Now it’s my turn to pass it on.  The bloggers I have chosen are all supportive, leave comments,and seem to know my every blog tweet so they can retweet it or share it onFacebook!  They’ve become firm friends.
So … without further ado, I think the following bloggers deserve toreceive The Friendly Blogger Award:
Amanda at OneMorePage
Melanie Robertson-King at |Celtic Connexions

Award Rules:  Sendthis award to about 10 people who regularly comment on your blog.  A link back to my blog would be good too …
… and don’t forget to keep coming back to read and comment –you’re all very much appreciated!

8 thoughts on “A tweet with a well-timed surprise!

  1. Thank you, Sharon.
    I believe it is twitter that has helped us to become good blog friends. 🙂

    Congrats on getting the award, well deserved!

    I will post my acceptance in the next few days. 🙂


  2. Awww thank you so much Sharon, that's very kind of you!
    And well done on your Award, very well deserved.
    I will be checking out all the other lovely bloggers too.

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